Teaching Math with Hybrid Strategy

By Vic Odarve

Here comes a teaching method-hybrid or blended learning technique for mathematics courses. This hybrid method is traditional classroom teaching coupled with e-learning technology. Since e-learning technology is available outside the classroom, students have an access to continue at their own pace to review and study the lectures. This makes the lecture effective than ever before; hence the output of the students’ learning is a remarkable. As a result, the university is a world-class teaching institution. This is teaching math with a hybrid strategy.

Engineering Math

Engineering Math

 Math is a very difficult subject and is extensive in all engineering courses. Lecturers must go outside the box. This means that they must go beyond the traditional learning methods from textbook, chalk and eraser, or classroom based instructions. In addition, the application of personal computers, laptops, websites, blog sites, video tutorials, email, power point presentation, and other technological advances supplement the classroom

Classroom Lecture

Classroom Lecture

instructions. This strategy, which is missing in most African universities, improves the math learning process. MS Excel, which is readily available in laptops, is an excellent program in solving problems related to statistics, economics, matrices, linear programming, etc. These enable the students abreast the latest technological applications of modern gadgets and assist them in their mathematical calculations easier and faster; instead of keeping them busy browsing social networking such as Facebook, twitter, games, music, videos, etc. In order the

E-learning in Math

E-learning in Math

students challenge of this new approach on teaching mathematics they are required to bring their laptops to the class and do the hands on in solving exercises and problems related to the course. Further, quizzes and exams will be solved by manual computation and by computer generated solutions. Simple but students is challenged on this strategy!

Since e-learning technology is available outside the classroom,

Atong,Isaiah, and Irie. These new generation kids will learn Math with e-learning.

Atong,Isaiah, and Irie. These new generation kids will learn Math with e-learning.

students have an access to continue to study and review the materials at their own pace. Teachers purposely build websites, blog sites, email, and videos where additional lectures and instruction are found. Video tutorials are available on websites for them to download. In some African universities, a class size for 100 and 200 level college levels usually ranges from 200 to 1000 students. This teaching approach counts a lot!

And you can do more! Lecturers may post the top placers few days after the examination days on the blog site… a delight to the students as well as the parents! It is also on this teaching strategy that students can ask their questions, discuss their ideas, and even offer some more suggestions that something classroom instruction cannot usually offer due to time limitations. They do these on your e-mails and blog responses.

This method makes the lecture effective than ever before; hence the output of the students’ learning is a remarkable. Learning through computers, video tutorials, web or blog sites, etc., may be conducive to individual preferences as students can learn at their own pace and may have more retention in their lessons. Further, students can open web and blog sites where lecturers can put their assignments and other instructional materials. These are some of the things that traditional classroom strategy cannot always offer. No doubt these new technologies coupled with the traditional method strongly enhance in learning mathematics easier and challenging.

As a result, university can be a world-class teaching institution. With lecturers adopting the hybrid strategy in teaching math, graduates will be competitive with other world class institution of learning. It is now a rapid changing world where an education acquired 10 years ago is no longer relevant or maybe obsolete today if not upgraded.

How about you, my brothers? Did you go outside the box and find ways to improve your teaching strategy? Even Abraham tried to find ways to convince the Lord God to spare Sodom and Gomorrah from destruction after a lengthy discussion. By finding ways Abraham humbles himself by saying,” Lord. I am so much less important than you. So if someone compares me with you, I am only like dust and ashes.” Gen 18:27. Have you found ways to see and talk with God? Like Abraham, we will be seeing Him” face to face” later. Rev. 22:4

Just like Abraham, our quest to supplement  traditional classroom method with latest technology has been our lasting legacy to the new generation. This hybrid strategy works and your students will be smiling!

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