Engineering Mathematics 1
October batch 2012-2013

Please try to solve the problems / exercises below. Similar problems will be coming out in our quiz next meeting. I will give only 4 exercises/problems in our quiz. Refer to your notes as guide for the solutions.




  1. Evaluate          ∫ 3 x cos 2x dx.
  2. Evaluate          ∫ dx/(1 +√16x)
  3. Evaluate          ∫ dx/(16-x2)3/2
  4. A population is growing with instantaneous growth rate of 300 + 3  – 2t organisms per minute after t minutes. If the initial population is 2000, what is the population after 5 minutes

5. Find the area bounded by the line x + 2y = 8 and the coordinate axes.

6. Find the area bounded by a parabola y = 2x 2 from x = 0 and x =7 by            a) vertical element   b) horizontal element method. Graph.

6. Find the area enclosed by the curves y =√8x  and  y = x 2 by    vertical and horizontal element methods. Graph.

7.Find the area bounded by the curve  y = x 2       and y = 4. Graph. ans. 32/3

8. Find the equation of the curve whose slope is three times its abcissa and passed point (2,1).

ans . y= (3/2) x 2 – 5. Use indefinite integration.


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  1. ibezimako

     /  October 26, 2012

    thank u, please can u paste some more ….

  2. vicodar

     /  October 27, 2012

    Just study your book and follow my discussion. Dont be absent.


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