Only Time can Tell

      By  Vic Odarve

Three years ago I met a friend and told me that she had some momentous moments with the population from the common people to a few and untouchable’s ones. She was working in a United Nations outreach program for the poor and indigenous people in Central Africa. Being a medical worker, she roamed most part of the country, meeting with people from all walks of life. In one of our gathering I told her that she might get in love an African guy because most often she traveled with an escort – an African guy -wherever she visited far- flung areas. “It’s a big no. Never, never!  this thing will not happen to me. Not even a pigment of my imagination that I need a black man to be my partner in my life.” Then, she burst in laughter.


That was three years ago and just lately I received an invitation for their upcoming wedding with the handsome African man – her previous escort/guard – by next month. So what? She is learning now that only time can tell!

Then the same thing happened with my colleagues. A few years back, a group of white expatriates came to Africa and worked under a UN program. Sensing that their lives were somewhat difficult compared to their native country, several of them told me repeatedly that they would never came back to this African country once they left their work and took a vacation after a year of service. It seemed that they were uneasy. Wherever we visited the countryside, they reminded me always this promise. It sounded irritable to my ears. Truly after a year, we were allowed to go home and they were jumping and shouting for joy. At last, they told themselves,” We are now free and we will never come back.”

The time we returned for work, the company caught by surprise why only few came back. So that was it and we knew the reasons why. We forgot everything and as if nothing happened. Do you know what happened next? A year after, we were surprised to learn that they were communicating with the company for their return and that they were willing to work again. It is indeed a crazy world! So what? They are learning now that only time can tell!

What’s now then, my friend? And old adage goes, ‘promises are made to be broken.’ So what does man gain by not keeping his promises? Simply, he is not believed when he tells more. Definitely, no man can ever tell what future holds for him.  Only God can and only time can tell.

So are you trying to foretell your future? “Only God knows the past and foretells the future and reveals the traces of the world’s mysteries.” – Sirach 42,18-19.

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