Sir, Signature, Please!

By  Vic  Odarve

Engineering StudentsNovember 2012

Engineering Students
November 2012

 I caught him inserting money on his application paper for building permit and the officer simply signed and approved. When asked, the man replied that somebody hinted a simplest, way to avoid any hitches on his application. On another occasion, a student sensed the disapproval of his SIWES or Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme report, bribed N5000.00 to his lecturer/coordinator for signature. It’s money in exchange for the signature!

   Bribery is a payment of money or anything of value that influences a person in the exercise of their duty. This is it. A common sight! It appears nothing unusual. This is our way of life. Just simply their signature! It may take them a few seconds and nothing more. Their signatures require bribes in order for their pens to write. Bribery works in government offices and educational institutions. It is everywhere. This is like music in our everyday life. Dance with the music? The choice is ours. This is a real world…a world where we live in!

       Both the tenderer and the solicitor of bribes are equally culpable in our law. These people know that what they are doing is wrong, but they also know that the likelihood of being investigated is remote. Why? Solicitors of bribes are just emulating what their superiors are doing and the likelihood of punishment from their superior is remote. They may have the same feathers. They flock together. Tenderer also knows that extending the time in processing papers just for signing is quite laborious and sometimes irritable. If they are not lucky they may go back for another week. It is bothersome.

 Government officials are not spared of bribes from major transactions. Police accept bribes in exchanged of not reporting illegal activities. Politicians do not disclose their actual income to evade taxes. So are our educational institutions. Good grades can be exchanged with money. Failing scores can be changed to something else. Then, finally, students, ordinary people, and our society in general, accept bribery as the norm in our modern world.

          In the last days, bribes will be everywhere and judgment is to begin at the house of God. (1 Peter 4:17). Although most people read the bible they do not integrate core biblical principles to their daily lives. Remember the Pharisees? They do the same! I could see more and more are coming as the world is about to end! Even signature means bribe to everyone! Signature, please sir!

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