“It is disgusting! I do not expect it! Do this in computer please!” the Head of the Department said.

That was 20 years ago! It was my fault. I did submit the grades of my students in a handwritten and tabulated format. There were computers but I was not comfortable in using them.

What followed was a stern warning from the Head of our Department. “All reports must be done in computer”! The memorandum was loud and clear. That’s it! No recourse, follow the leader!

Grading sheets kept at Records Office

Grading sheets kept at Records Office

Since then, all grades/reports and its computations were done in computers. We saw its benefits and we were all conquered. Imagine grade computation by MS Excel! Just copy the formula and paste the computation, it solves everything. Saving time and effort! It’s amazing technology! Making the life of teacher or lecturer better!

But when I began teaching here in Africa, the picture 20 years ago was alive and kicking! Grades either posted or submitted to the Record Office were done as we did it before. Handwritten and tabulated format! I remember the year of black and white television! Oh my God that was our life before! It is alive here!

But they have every reason. It was just a few years back that large natural oil deposits boomed up in this country so as the educational institution. A reason to justify! So the best thing to do! Stern warning from the Head of Office and the system will be changed!


Expatriates lecturers/teachers are needed to spark the technology of the institution. So the management did it! Several expats are now on the fold of the university. This school may now catch up the technology trends. This is where this school is heading! On the right track! Today we see voluminous files of students records placed in cabinets, stockrooms, etc. Records office, registrar, libraries, enrollment procedures, and similar activities are not yet computerized. As a result, no expeditious information delivery to the students, teachers, and parents! You have to wait a week or months to get your transcripts of records and similar documents. Perhaps tomorrow, these pictures will be gone! We will be on computerized system. Technological revolution is underway and it is changing society. It is not make-believe anymore. It is real! It is a major societal trans formative force that shapes the modern world.

What’s the big difference on computerized records system? Computerized system can provide almost everything you ask for information on a student. Just select and look at anyone of the documents on-screen and you got it!

Nothing in this world is constant except change. Move to computerization!

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