Effective University Teachers

              By Vic Odarve

What are we looking for in a university teacher?

Teaching courses for kinder and secondary level may have its own requirements. Good teacher qualities such as understanding, patience, passion, confidence, and many more. How about college students? Students are no longer kids!

working overtime for lecture preparation

Working overtime for lecture preparation

There are many qualities needed but the most desired ones for an effective university teacher are the following;

1. Must be an academically able.

“You cannot give if you don’t have”, as the saying goes. That is why we prefer a teacher who has written books and experience in their courses which they are teaching. This indicates teacher has something on his head.  A sound foundation of the course is the first step. Other ingredients such as the manner of presentation, discussions, and exposition of the subject matter will come to play later by experience.

Marking Quiz scripts

Marking Quiz scripts

2. Must be able to bring excitements/interactions with the students inside the classroom.

A good and effective teacher draws excitement whenever he discusses the subject matter. As a result, strong interaction takes place. He has the ability to inculcate and impart these ideas to the students. The magnitude of exchanging ideas and the excitement is felt by the students largely determine the grasping of knowledge. The more they feel and the stronger they excite, the more they learn. This is the best scenario inside the classroom.

University teacher works like the Higgs boson particle. This particle completed the missing link for our standard model of particles of physics for the past 45 years before confirmed its existence last July 4, 2012. This particle answers on how matters obtain mass. And it works like a university teacher in the classroom and on how student obtains learning in their courses.

Lecturer at work

Lecturer at work

Here’s how why it works like a teacher! The Higgs field exists across the whole universe. As particle trudges the Higgs field, the field becomes excited and the Higgs boson mediates interaction and exchanging particles take place. The magnitude of the mass acquired by the object depends on how the particle feels the effect of excitement and interaction in this field. That is why we have heavy, slight, or massless objects as photons and gluons.

Sounds like a classroom teacher?


Briefing her students on the next lessons

3.  University teacher must be able to make his own examples in addition on what are in the textbook. Examples which are based on local setting are preferable so that students can relate and have a clear picture. Much more if examples are part of a student’s daily lives. It’s a real life drama unfolding before the very eyes!

References like biblical passages, even a world apart from the topics discussed, may give a clearer picture on the principles of the subject matter.

Who knows? By quoting biblical verses you are touching lives, morally and spiritually. Though different worlds as setting, real life against the old scriptures, it can offer a vivid picture on what you meant. Bear in mind! God’s word is convincing and powerful!

Is your teaching institution has a  teacher as described? If so, glory to our God in the Highest.

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