Do Heaven and Hell Exist?

                     By  Vic Odarve

 It was not an ordinary day. Final exams proceeded as scheduled and everybody seemed busy. But not for this student! I had seen him following me for several days until we met at my office and he asked me this question,” Sir, do heaven and hell exist?’

Posing moment with some of our security men at Madonna University-Okija campus

Posing moment with some of our security men at Madonna University-Okija campus

 I was dumbfounded! I did not expect an engineering student asking this question. Maybe he forgot that I was not handling theological courses. At first, I hesitated to entertain but he looked serious! Then I remembered Sir Isaac Newton. Like Newton, this student was trying to investigate the geographical location of heaven and hell. Or if these things really existed! Newton, unique among scientists, devoted the final part of his life, finding the location of hell and heaven. He failed to find until his demise!

 This school is run by priests and nuns. As expected the doctrine of hell and heaven is taught. The subject may be incorporated in other courses such as theology, philosophy, logic, etc. But, to my mind, the same thing; that all Christians must know if hell or heaven exists!


  The bible does not give an exact place or location. Our common belief is that hell and heaven are places where departed loved ones reside. That is after death!  Off limits for the living! That’s why we are just imagining the existence and these things remain a mystery. These are unseen for the living! Things unseen can exist if you believe it. It is through faith that things unseen works. It is the strong faith of life after death that hell and heaven existence really depend on. Others consider afterlife as myth or superstitious! But the bible, written and inspired by infinite wisdom, describes it all! It’s only our finite mind cannot comprehend that.

Filipino and Indian expats join the university dance troop

Filipino and Indian expats join the university dance troop

  Hell is believed to be the eternal state of punishment for the sinners after death. It is also the place for the wicked people- with the fire that never goes out. Sinners including angels are confined here until the Day of Judgment. It is a place of real torment.

 Heaven, on other hand, is opposite. It is a perfect place of supernatural happiness where God, angels, and other heavenly beings reside. In his spiritual vision in the Book of Revelation, John describes heaven as follows;

 22 I saw no temple in the city for the Lord God, Master of the universe, and the Lamb are themselves its temple.

23 The city has no need of the light of the sun or the moon, since God’s Glory is its light and the Lamb is its lamp.

24 The nations will walk in its light and the kings of the earth will bring their treasures to it.

25 Its gates will not be closed at sunset, for there will be no night there.

 Heaven and hell are places for spiritual existence. It could just be in our imagination because these exist in other dimensions. It’s another plane! In mathematics, it is another coordinate system of life. It is through death that gives birth to this dimension. Like Mathematics, logarithm and Laplace transformations give birth to another realm of the mathematical plane. But God taught us these things in advance so that we can prepare for the next level of existence. It’s another life plane. For as long as man is breathing, hell and heaven exist in our imagination. But as man passes death unto life, hell and heaven are real places!


 With the advance of technology, many things that cannot be seen and difficult to understand are slowly coming to our perception in a clearer picture. These are telltale signs that they exist! Blackhole, for instance, could not be seen as even light cannot escape on its immense gravitational pull. It is the bending of light which showed that they exist. Dark matters and dark energy, too, exist like black holes. Gospel writers like Matthew, Luke, Mark, Paul, and John in revelation showed that in their time, had seen the heaven opened. Book of Revelation describes more what heavens are all about!

 Dreaming, a mental activity that occurs during sleep, allows departed beloved to communicate the living. This is one way the two parallel level of existence interact! Though mathematically, no intersection is possible on two parallel lines, spirit beings and the living beings intersect dramatically through dreams. Remember the biblical Joseph and Daniel? Both communicated God in their difficult trying times through dreams! God- the spirit being communicated mankind- the living flesh! Existing in two separate planes of dimensions!

 The bible is the only book that discloses the way going to heaven and the gate going to hell. So what shall we do? Read the bible now! Do not delay! Learn its wisdom to be wise and practice its doctrine to be safe- for the kingdom of heaven is at hand! In heaven, poor and rich live in harmony! Be there and see the One sitting in the throne! Jesus invites you!



By Vic Odarve


 He almost got a perfect score in the final exam! He got 64 out of 70 marks. But looking at my records I could not find his name nor registration number. One thing is certain- this student just took only the final exam and never attended the class throughout the semester! He is not a carryover or repeater of the course.

Relaxation at Chocolate hills,Philipines

Relaxation at Chocolate hills,Philippines

 He got my attention! For the past three years of teaching in this university I had not seen students passed the course without continuous assessment or CA. This CA showed that you are attending your class and constitutes 30 marks in the final grade. This includes assignment, attendance, quizzes, class participation, and others. Previous records showed several students attempted to do so but all failed to pass the course. Passing grade is 40 marks. Without CA, the only way to pass is to obtain at least 40 out of a possible 70 marks on final exam. This student was the first to make it.


 After giving the final exam last semester, several students told me that the allotted time of 2 hours was too short for them to answer all the problems. True enough, during marking I noticed most of the students did not complete answering the problems. Even my top five class performers did not finish answering the exam because of time limitation.

Expatriates from Philippines

Expatriates from Philippines

 But to my surprise, three names got perfect scores! They were not the good performers based on my records. Their solutions were well presented and done in a step by step manner. Analysis showed that they did it in separate methods in obtaining the correct answers! And how they did it was amazing! And why the best among the crop could not do it remained unknown!


 Because of large class size of 400 students, the school has a designated course representative to assist the teacher in a class management. But what happened? During a quiz, somebody made a quiz script for the course rep that was absent! After my investigation the course rep admitted that his classmate did the quiz for him because he had very important things to work out. I did not record his mark and instead, give him a warning!

 Final examination came. To my surprise the course rep was the only one who got the highest marks! He bested my top five performers in the class! So, that was it! It could be that a stern warning catapulted his spirit to the next level! And he got it!


 One thing is clear. Every individual is unique. Some are resourceful magnifying the weakness of the grading system and others know how to beat the odds during examination. Still others need a stern warning to raise their adrenalin to excel their performance. Something must trigger! These students performed like they never did it before. It’s truly amazing!



By Vic Odarve

 Let’s take a look on how the students performed last semester. This class of 440 students was undoubtedly large.

 As in most African universities this school has its own grading scheme. Components composing the final grade are continuous assessments (CA) and final exam. Maximum marks for CA is 30 while for Final exam is 70. Total is 100 marks or points. Students must get at least a total of 40 points in order to pass the course. It can be from CA or Final exam or both. Table 1 shows the grading scheme and its equivalent score range. Continuous assessment or CA generally consists of assignments, attendance, and class participation. Final exam score is the one obtained by the student during final examination.

Table 1. Grading Scheme

Table 1. Grading Scheme

 Table 2 showed the percent profile of the grade distribution in the last semester. Out of 440 students in the class, only 320 passed (73%) and 120 failed (27%) Majority of the students who passed the course obtained a C grade or its total equivalent marks of 50 – 59.

Table 2. Grades distribution

Table 2. Grades distribution

 Table 3 showed the different contributing factors why students failed to pass the course. As shown, majority failed to pass the course due to poor performance during final exam (48%) and followed by no assignments (40%).

Table 3. Failing grades distribution

Table 3. Failing grades distribution

 Teachers are like gardeners planting seeds in the fields. They planted wisdom to the minds of the students in the classroom. Some learned the lessons quickly while others did not! Even Jesus, the greatest teacher of all time, lamented on the outcome of his preaching through parable from Matthew 13: 4-8.

 4 Jesus said, “The sower went out to sow and, as he sowed, some seeds fell along the path and the birds came and ate them up.

5 Other seeds fell on rocky ground where there was little soil, and the seeds sprouted quickly because the soil was not deep.

6 But as soon the sun rose the plants were scorched and withered because they had no roots.

7 Again other seeds fell among thistles; and the thistles grew and choked the plants.

8 Still other seeds fell on good soil and produced a crop; some produced a hundredfold, others sixty and others thirty.

 This happened 2000 years ago! Today the same thing happens in our classroom. We plant seeds to the students. Some may sprout and others do not.

 And what is on the statistics? The statistics demonstrates that the grade distributions are scattered. This shows that students are struggling to obtain good grades. Why? Because grades are earned and are not given! But as always be in the minds of the lecturer, if there are winners there are also losers. The trend seems to fit the parable.