Keep Your Big Mouth Shuts!

           by Vic Odarve

When Joseph visited Dr. Martin’s clinic for HIV patients, some of his friends spotted him. So in a party held for the employees a week later, somebody asked him if he had an HIV. Joseph jokingly said, “Yes, that’s why you had seen me at the clinic last Tuesday”. He just talked without bothering it! Joseph actually had no HIV but merely visited the doctor for some business not related to his health. But when he reported to work the next day, almost everybody thought that he was infected with HIV. The news grew rapidly like a wildfire! “It is horrible!” he said. The news amplified and became unpleasant to his ears when somebody asked him on his health. That was it. It started as a joke and appeared out of control!

Keep our big mouth shuts!

Keep our big mouth shuts!

In one of a work happy hour, Mary shared her stories to the group that school management approved her scholarship abroad. Then somebody asked her question,”What if you will be hired to teach at that university with much higher salary?”Then she replied without bothering herself,”Well, I have to accept the offer”. That was it! A little rumor developed! But to her surprise the message amplified and spiraled to a proportion that it reached to the management. A few days later, her boss called her to his office. The school management cancelled her engineering doctorate scholarship in London.

So, better keep your mouth shuts next time!

See what happened. Joseph felt irritated when friends asked about his health. It brought an unpleasant atmosphere to his working environment. On the other hand, School management cancelled Mary’s scholarship for no apparent reasons. Their common denominator: Both did not keep their big mouths shut!

Biblical story, too, reminds us that it is better to keep out our mouth shuts. Abraham kept his mouth shut from the day he received the message to sacrifice Isaac until the final moments when the angel intervened.

Life is what we make it. Perhaps some intimate details in our lives are better left unsaid. Keep it from public knowledge! Even to our best friends! Or make second thoughts if we want to divulge! By keeping some vital information to ourselves is a safer option than risking ourselves to the outside world. We will soon realize that this world is much wider than just what we know to be our own.

So, keep your big mouth shuts!

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