Smartphones Boost Your Math Skills

By Vic Odarve

It is a wonderful world. Just a tip of your finger and the world will go round and round. Almost everybody loves this gadget… a cell phone! The cell phone is one of the most versatile electronic gadgets in the market today.This gadget becomes a necessity for everybody. Latest cell phone features include a camera, internet access, storage for pictures, audio, and video files, and many more. These things can help college students with all aspects of their studies. Just press the call button and you are connected to your loved ones and friends throughout the world. Talking and chatting! Young and old people alike… cell phones are their indispensable partners wherever they go. It seems our lives are difficult without this gadget.

Mathematical Formulas from these textbooks are stored in smartphones.

Mathematical Formulas from these textbooks are stored on smartphones.

But college students use these cell phones in other means… boosting their math power! It is a learning tool to develop math skills. Take for example, a student in Calculus! While studying under the shade of the old oak tree at the university campus, he forgot to recall the formula in the Differential Calculus. The product and quotient rules of differentiation! What else did he do? With a cell phone, he simply scanned the picture files and refreshed the formulas on the screen with ease. That’s how it is. Instead of pictures, mathematical formulas are put there! And instead of audio for love and rock songs, recorded audio files on discussion or explanation of the mathematical formulas are put there. Storages for picture and audio files on his phone are filled with mathematical clips. Cell phones become a storage file for his studies. That keeps boosting his math understanding and skills! The student is the one who does the recordings and arranging the formulas for his easy access and reference.

It is his real world with phones… maximizing his gadget to boost his math power. “In my

Smartphone boosts your Mathpower

Smartphone boosts your Mathpower

spare time, Sir, I spent listening to my recorded audio and helped me a lot to remember the previous mathematical theorems, principles, and formulas which are often used in mathematics”, he added.

This way he familiarizes the mathematics by listening to the audio discussions and scanning thru pictures of formulas instead of memorization. No wonder this student is one of the top achievers in my class in Calculus!

It is now a different world. It is different from our college days. Technology really works wonders! Cell phones are now a partner with students in studying mathematics. Like Higgs particle that gives mass to everything that will interact with it, cell phones give boost your math power to those who make it as a tool in mathematics. It seems this gadget is inseparable to our lives. Perhaps someday society has come to a point where the idea of living without cell phones seems absurd. With this gadget, developing the student’s math skills becomes more exciting. We are living in this digital world. And undoubtedly, smartphones boost students’ math skills and understanding!


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