MTH 227 Differential Equations REVIEW FOR QUIZ

Our quiz is moved to November 15,2013 due to international intellectual convention. As part of your review, solve the following exercises and problems. Refer to your notes and textbook for further reference.

Similar exercises and problems will be given.
Solve the following:

1. Solve

a) y’ + 2xy = 10x.

b) y’ – 3y = 12

c) y” + 4y’ – 5y = 0

d) y” -7y’ +12y =0

2. At Shoprite, a restaurant serves pepper soup at 190 F. After 4 minutes, the soup cooled to 170 F. If the room temperature is 68 F, find the time that the soup has cooled to 130F.

3. Find the total amount of N 70000.00 deposited at Mayfresh bank compounded continuously at 8.6 % nominal interest rate after 8 years.

4. Madonna university students are increasing at the rate equal to 10 % of its population each year. If in the beginning of this year there are 8,000 students, how many students will be expected after 3 years?

Good luck!

Don’t forget to bring with you the workbook. Final check on your assignment on chapters 5,6,and 7 will be conducted. Solve at least two exercises or problems at the end of the chapters.


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  1. Etim israel

     /  October 28, 2013

    Sir, i enjoy your lectures but am still having problems with chapter 7…


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