Professor Challenges Math Students

By Vicodar

Students need to be challenged. That is why in almost all my quizzes in mathematics are open notes, books, etc. just to keep them a challenge. But of course only a few got perfect scores. As for most of the professors/lecturers, we know how far are our students could get the correct answers even though we give them every opportunity to do so. Mathematics is difficult and most students hate this course. But if we let them open notes and books during quizzes, they are smiling ear to ear!

Open books and notes quiz keep students smiling from ear to ear.

Open books and notes quiz keep students smiling from ear to ear.

In addition to open notes and books, I also post the quiz/exam results in the website. It’s another challenge! Posting makes students feel like climbing a ladder. Noting their names on top 3 performers would raise their adrenaline of studying more. Much more, as good performers, students boost their pride such that they invite their parents to visit the website and see their names posted. And seizing this opportunity, students feel they have more bargaining power to secure for more allowance for the next semester. “This is how you would like to be on top 3”, exclaimed one of the students.

How about the professors/lecturers! They will be receiving e-mails that excite their hearts and elevate themselves to the highest level of their profession. Among e-mails they received are citing them as best lecturers, world-class teachers, mathematics genius, the best teacher I ever meet, and many more. Parents sometimes send e-mails for their support of the professors.

Prestigious colleges and universities usually share common denominators; their lecturers/professors are authors of textbooks and journals, etc. This generation of lecturers/professors gives the best education of our youths. It is world-class! A professor who could write books on his field of expertise shows ‘having something’ to impart. You could not give if you don’t have! Thus with their expertise they could lecture well and play the students to the next level of education. They can bring students to dance on their own rhythm or pacing of teaching. It is on this quality of mentors that keep the student’s interested in math. These are the teachers that keep student’s ability to challenge and learn and actively participate in classroom activities. A missing link in most African universities and colleges!

As long as this scenario is present in any higher institutions of learning, students flock to this school and join thousands of others benefiting the best education of the land. One of the lecturers had noticed and told me “Sir, did you know that students are increasing every year and the enrollment is flowing like a river?” Then I replied, ”As long as good/competent lecturers are here; so long live these lecturers, and this gives life to thee”.

This is the picture today, and should remain as is. Father founder philosophy of the institution is simple; this is for the youth the hope of the fatherland, and for those who love education.The day will soon come when these students will be catapulted to be one of the world’s best. Expat –White men lecturers who mould some of these students always say that races don’t exist: there is only the human race, to which we all belong.


Our third and last quiz will be on November 26, Tuesday. This quiz covers chapters 7, 8, and 9 in our text/workbook. As a review, solve the following:
1. ℒ-1     5/(s^2+9)

2. ℒ-1     (3s-7)/s^2

3. ℒ-1     (s+1)/(〖(s+1 )〗^2+9) – 15/(〖18 [(s+1)〗^2+9]) + 1/(18 ( s-2 ))

4. ℒ         [cos 8t – sin⁡〖8 t〗/(4 )
5. ℒ        e^ 3t sin 4t

6. Solve y “+ y’ -2y = e^ 3x by a) undermined coefficient and
b) by variation of parameters.
7. Solve y” + 4y ( y’) ^3 = 0.

Similar exercises will come out. Refer to your notes and textbook for further guidance.

Prof. Vic E. Odarve, Madonna University, Elele campus, Rivers State, Nigeria

Engineering Math 201

Engineering Math 201

Engineering Mathematics 1 students batch 2013 First Semester

Engineering Mathematics 1 students batch 2013 First Semester

I Know Why Students Jog

By Vic Odarve

Every Thursday morning at 7 am! It’s a jogging time. Security people check the girl’s and boy’s hostels if somebody are still on their rooms or quarters. All must leave their rooms and join the weekly jogging. It is a minimum 3-km run affair; that is all students have to jog at least 3 kilometers in an oval playground. Around 5000 students must join the jogging as part of their school fitness program. This is integrating physical activity into the school curriculum. Sound body means sound mind!

Students jogging at Caritas University , Enugu State, Nigeria, Africa

Students jogging at Caritas University, Enugu State, Nigeria, Africa

This is the picture of the student’s life at Caritas University, Enugu State, Nigeria. Uniquely African way of life! We seldom saw thousands of students lined up once a week for the jogging activity in a university. After few minutes of an important announcement, the game started by stretching exercises evidently to loosen their muscles prior jogging proper.

Jogging is a slow pace running and virtually all the students can do it. Some do it to get in shape, stay fit, and have fun. But most participants do it for fun, indeed, imagining themselves to be one of the thousand students doing a circuitous route in a campus playground. And they enjoy themselves! Their faces show a thousand smiles! This is also a part of their social activity and camaraderie.

The school, on the other hand, believes that regular exercise enhances the student’s mental well-being along with their physical health. In fact, numerous studies indicate that student’s achievement and physical fitness are positively related. Jogging also increases life span and reduces an aging effect, fights obesity and high cholesterol level, and improves study level concentrations.

Thus, the school teaches the students the importance of physical fitness, incorporate regular exercise as part of their lives, and jogging as the main exercise. In this way, students are kept fit, active, and healthy.

Seeing thousand of faces smiling as these students jogging their way along the university oval playground of Caritas University is something to behold. This is a fun run for a cause in some part of the world!

Now I know why these students jog!