Questionable Credibility Kills!

           By Vic Odarve

Questionable credibility kills!

Individuals with highly questionable credibility often do not practice what they preach; not honest and fair in dealing with others; put themselves first before taking care for others; and making promises but do not fulfill them.

That’s it. Apart from being  gifted persons who talk with strong and remarkable persuasion like Hitler and Marcos, these individuals often play as right hand to those in powers; influence the company’s owners, its relatives, inner circles, celebrities and government officials, and among the institution’s bigwigs; and allow themselves to serve as a conduit for  kickbacks and corruptions.

Credibility is the name

Teaching moral values are vital

They do not also practice what they preach. A year ago, highlighted in a tabloid and various newspapers, no less than a Chief Justice of the Supreme Court preached that every citizen must pay the right taxes in order for a government to survive. But a few months later, he was brought to a court trial and found guilty of tax evasion and not declaring huge assets. Now he is languishing in jail. He is not honest; he did not practice what he preaches. His credibility kills!

Honesty speaks well to credible individuals. When the three senators explained that they did not get any cents from the scams worth millions of dollars, the opinion polls survey showed that most people believed the opposite. After a year of investigation, they are charged of graft and corruption. These senators are definitely lying to the public; hence they are not honest. They are not credible. Their credibility kills!

Generation must be taught with honesty

Generation must be taught with honesty

Person with questionable credibility cannot be trusted. A suppose leader, who was trusted by his supervisor to review and work out the individual performance of the group, secretly managed to give salary increases to herself and her favorite selected few. It was only discovered when the group complained in unison to the owner of the institution. She is indeed not fair to others. She is not credible. Her credibility kills!

In many instances, my friend borrowed money during emergencies and promised to return just after a few days. But when the days gone, he seemed to forget to return the money; the next time around he was not entertained. Other friends followed the same move. He is not credible!

If your credibility is questioned; people lose their trust and often feel betrayed, stop coming to you for help and prefer others. It has lasting negative

Follow the leaders

            Follow the leaders

impacts especially to your friends, and worst, condemn you as liars. It may come to a point that nobody believes when you tell the truth. Most friends describe these people as pious persons who went to Mass, said a novena every day and regularly visited the church every morning. But beware! Credibility sinks as deep as the bottomless pit!

On the other hand, good reputation and strong credibility truly help us increase our opportunities and chances for success. We must commit to practice what we preach; be honest and fair in dealing with others; can be trusted in discharging our responsibilities; do fulfill what we have promised and adhere to moral values and principles more than friendship can offer. Credibility counts a lot!

Questionable credibility kills!

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