How Bad Friends Influence Your Life

By  Vic Odarve

Bad friends do influence your life negatively. They can alter your view of the world by changing your perception and turning you into a different person; bring a tremendous change to your characters, lifestyles, manners, and actions, and destroy your life.

Quiz in Math. Friends influence to study.

Quiz in Math. Friends influence your study

While you seek friends for support and encouragement during bad times; find enrichment and guidance in your life’s journey and enlightenment of your soul; bad friends can alter your view of the world, change the way how you look up things in life and develop you into a different person. Unknowingly, you meet bad friends usually in social gatherings. People in the upper class of our society usually meet bad friends at parties, religious and civic organizations, political acquaintances, and other forms of activities among society’s bigwigs.

Influence of bad friends is powerful. It is more serious for the rich and famous. Take the case of Ruby; a beautiful woman at early 50’s established her name by making friends and held important positions in known social organizations. With her friends, she found a connection to influential lawmakers; amassed wealth and became

Vultures in our backyard. Birds of feathers flock together.

Vultures in our backyard. Birds of feather flock together.

famous; and acted as a conduit to a graft and corruption. Aware of her impending arrest from the government for her role, she left the country without any traces. But things go differently for her. She was troubled. She could not sleep and eat well. A few months later, she returned as a government witness on a pork barrel scandal that implicated several senators and other famous personalities. Being haunted by her own conscience and why she turned as a government witness against her former friends, she concluded by saying, “I don’t want to die with 80 million countrymen hating me. I don’t want my grandchildren being ashamed of me so I felt I have to do something and I have to correct my mistake and I can’t possibly right a wrong with another wrong”. That’s it. She regretted what she had done. Bad friends influenced and eventually ruined her life.

Bad friends also bring a tremendous change in your behavior, lifestyles,

Friendship fosters positive relationship

Friendship must foster positive relationship

manners, and actions. By keeping in the company and hanging around with bad friends in your work areas, offices, meetings, and other functions, you are strongly connected with their common objectives, likes, and point of views, and gossiping activities. You could not feel and sense the threat at the beginning because slowly and slowly you are engulfed to emulate your bad friend’s way of living in one way or another. Some of the effects are extremely disastrous to your future. You do not know that your constant companionship with these bad friends seems to program your way of thinking and develops into a habit.

The negative influence of bad friends knows no boundaries. Even a short time in a company, the influence is great. It can change the world! Imagine what happened to the daughter of newspaper magnate and publisher Randolph Hearst. The kidnaped Patricia Hearst, his 19-year-old daughter, after 3 months long in company with kidnappers, became friends and converted herself a member of the terrorist organization. She sympathized of the cause of the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA) and participated willingly in the bank robbery. Just a short period of friendship, the daughter of a wealthy and famous family became a robber. It ruined her life!

The same thing happened to once a shy and religious friend of mine. In one of the invitation for a dinner, he was seen lifting a red wine to his bag secretly; drinking too much, talking negatively about other people in excess, and doing some illegal activities. These lifestyles were developed gradually from his constant company of his bad friends. He slowly and slowly adopted similar interests and behavior from his friends. Birds of feather spent time together! Bad friends ruined his life!

There are many ways to avoid falling to bad friends. Look, associate, and surround yourself only  with friends that give positive influence; hang only to those that are supporting and enhancing your life;  filter their background and stick to one with the same mission and ambitions in your life.

Indeed, bad friends negatively influence your life far more powerful than you imagine. It can change your outlook on how you perceive the world and behave you on the dark side. By putting yourself in the midst of bad friends, like Ruby on the pork barrel scam and Patricia Hearst on bank robbery with kidnappers, you are inviting to a disaster. Bad friends, like a giant black hole sitting quietly at the center of our Milky Way, are lurking for someone impending for his own destruction. The bible puts it, 22 Cor 6:14-15;

14Do not make unsuitable covenants with those who do not believe: can justice walk with wickedness? Or can light coexist with darkness, 15 and can there be harmony between Christ and Satan? What union can there be between one who believes and one who does not believe?

Slowly and slowly bad friends ruin your life.

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