Be Positive and Contented; the Gateway to Happiness

By Vic Odarve

Although life is made up of ups and downs, thinking positively, coupled with contentment on what we have, may lead to a happier life. When life takes unexpected turns and brings along a traumatic pain, evaluate events with an open mind; convince ourselves that life must move on regardless. Think positive. Contentment is necessary for attaining a positive state of mind; accepting the situation; and allowing us to move ahead.

Happier life

Happier life- be positive and contented

Sometimes life takes unexpected turns of events. It is up and down. Think positively. If our failure is awry, inflicting pain and self pity; positive thinking draws us to accept them as a learning experience and then move on. In Statistics, it is impossible to have all failures; there must be a success. That is what it takes for a Nigerian Super Eagles to become African champion and has a right to represent the continent on World FIFA footballs in Brazil; Gilas Filipinas seeks its berth as a qualifier to FIBA world basketball in Spain; and the great and flashy Manny Pacquiao who becomes 8 times weight division boxing champion. What is their common denominator that propels them to success and happiness; it is positive thinking to win games.

My engineering classmate, do pass and fail in some math courses, have spent about 8 years in schooling, but finally becomes an Engineer, a profession he really proud of. He really thinks he could finish it and he did it!

Positive thinking can create a realistic plan for goals in life; allows us to move ahead after some failures; and recovers our feeling of loss. This leads us to a better and happier life.

On the other hand, contentment is necessary for attaining a positive state of mind; accepting the situation; and allowing us to move ahead.  By appreciating the great things we currently have in life; thinking

Contentment in life

Contentment in life-Old folks gathering

about good things for our loved ones; and changing our mood to focus things positively may feel us to a happier life. Do not compare ourselves with others because we live differently. Be contented with our achievements for it is our real accomplishment. Be ourselves. Do not imagine things that beyond our reach. Do not feel jealous and insecure. Be contented with what we have. Do not match our neighbor’s new tennis rackets, shoes, iPads, I-pods, etc., feeling we are behind. Do not feel devastated that somebody overtakes us in some areas of our life. Be contented and live well on what we have.

Take the case of Jose Mujica, the world poorest president who lives on a ramshackle farm and donates most of his pay; do laundry by himself outside the house with water comes from a well in a yard, overgrown with weeds; keep watch outside of only two police officers and a three-legged dog. “I may appear to be an eccentric old man… But this is a free choice. I’ve lived like this most of my life and I can live well with what I have”, he said. “I’m called ‘the poorest president’, but I don’t feel poor. Poor people are those who only work to try to keep an expensive lifestyle, and always want more and more,” he says.


Paper presentation- International Intellectual convention, Madonna University, Rivers State, Nigeria


Like the Super Eagles, Gilas Pilipinas, and Manny Pacquiao; positive thinking and attitude propel their way to stardom; and for President Mojica, contentment to live a simple life is a way to happiness.

 Like the sparrows and water lilies, we have the right to live and be happy in this universe. No matter what troubles the world brings to our life, we must be at peace with our parents, brothers and sisters, and friends and deal them in a gentle manner. There is always a void that cannot be filled up with material things. This is really a wicked world; a troublesome place unfolding uncertainties that bring us only broken dreams. But no matter how wicked and corrupt, it is still a beautiful world. We must strive to be happy and have peace with our God and peace within our soul. Be positive and contented; the gateway to happiness.

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