Science and the Spirit World

       By Vic Odarve 

When one of the students asked me how science treated the unseen spirit world, I simply said that these two subjects -science and spirit – are two different worlds. And they exist in parallel planes. In mathematics, two parallel planes do not meet nor intersect. Why? Because science is based on experiments, principles, measurements, and facts while the belief on spirit world is based on unseen forces beyond our understanding. Hence, the experiments, measurements, equations, and other parameters cannot be established in the spirit world. Therefore, unseen spirit world cannot be subjected to scientific exploration. It is inaccessible to science. This is a realm out of the scientific domain.

Dark matter cannot be seen

Dark matter cannot be seen

Our physical senses limit our understanding to the world around us. Science discovered that as much as 90 percent of the stuff constituting our known universe may be objects or particles that cannot be seen. Dark matter, for example, is invisible. Astronomers have determined its existence by detecting its gravitational interaction with matter that does give off detectable electromagnetic radiation in the clusters of galaxies. Dark energy, too, is believed to be the energy counteracting the gravitational attraction of matter as our expanding universe accelerates and keeping some stars from flying away their orbits.

Spiritual life works at CPM Elele, Rivers State, Nigeria

Spiritual life works at CPM Elele, Rivers State, Nigeria

On spirit beings, mankind feels their presence through miracles and unexplained phenomena in our surroundings. It’s invisible and mysterious forces interact with people. Just like electricity, the wind, and gravity. We feel their existence and even harness their forces, but we cannot see these stuff. People witness events and happenings that defy the laws of physics. And science has no tangible explanations. These miracles are not accessible to the methodologies of the scientific world. Science rules out the divine action!

These kids are too young to know spiritual world

These kids are too young to know spiritual world

And we have numerous biblical records that account the existence of spiritual being. In fact, we communicate them. God and angels did communicate our great biblical ancestors like Abraham and Moses! Clairvoyants and psychics, too, nowadays contact the spirit beings and they do this since time immemorial.

Harvesting rice in Mayana- Beautiful scenery is the work of His Hands

Harvesting rice in Mayana- Beautiful scenery is the work of His Hands

The day may soon arrive for everyone to silence that we really belong to this spiritual world. The bible, sacred book by all Christians, teaches us that we live as spirit beings temporarily clothe with flesh and blood. That is, after physical death, our spirit will return to where we come from… to the spirit world.

Now listen to the one who came from spiritual world and dwelt among us, then returned to the world where he belonged;

“My kingship does not come from this world. If I were king like those of this world, my guards would have fought to save me from being handed over to the Jews. But my kingship is not from here.””

– John 18, 35-36

 “But Jesus said, “You are from below and I am from above; you are of this world and I am not of this world.”

– John 8, 23

Indeed, science and spirit are two different worlds! Before the great flood, Enoch, the man of God and grandfather of Noah, told us the same story. The choice to believe or not to believe is ours. Remember the time is at hand when the dust of all our cities incarnadines the sunsets of the world!

To God, be His glory!

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