Simplest Way to Study Math

      By Vic Odarve

This is the simplest way to learn mathematics! It is enjoyable and fun! Follow me and let’s explore!

At classroom, you listen intently to your teacher or lecturer. Every word he speaks gathers important information. Observe how he does the steps in solving the problems or exercises. Ask a question if necessary.

Working Examples at the classroom

Working Examples at the classroom, University of Immaculate Conception, Davao City

Then at home, it is your turn! Open your notes. Review and study the steps. Recall the reasons why the professor does it.

Finally, test your understanding! This is the moment! Close the notes and get an extra sheet of paper and solve it by yourself. If you fail to get the correct answer, open your notes and see why you get wrong. Rework if you get wrong! Don’t stop doing it until you get it right! It is just like playing the game of “hide and seek”. You hide the solutions of the problems in your notes and seek its answer by solving yourself. That’s it!

Math students

           Math students at Madonna University, Nigeria, Africa

 It’s as simple as that. It is just a pleasure! Practice makes perfect as the saying goes. It holds true!

This simple technique develops a positive thinking. If the final answer is the same as your notes, it gives you confidence. And getting the correct answer raises your adrenaline to a certain level of excitement and joy. Confidence is building up!

 Then go out in your room and relax. See the world outside. It pictures better. It sounds good. You will be in a good mood as if the world is joining your excitements. Happiness for getting the correct answer! That is without seeing the solution from your notes! And you get it right! It is like a medicine. It alleviates depression! It fosters positive mood!

Harvesting rice in Mayana- Beautiful scenery is the work of His Hands

Harvesting rice in Mayana- Beautiful scenery is the work of His Hands

One of my friends was doing this before our final exam. I met him outside of his house, seeing the beautiful pictures of the old school of Mayana Elementary School and National Pilgrimage Center at Elele, River State, Nigeria. He was singing as if in harmony with the bird’s sweet song on the bough of the trees as the sunset faded in the western sky. I told him “Why are you looking these pictures so happy and smiling, my friend”? What was his answer? “I know now the secrets on how to study mathematics.” Then he showed me his scratched papers and said,” I solve it by myself, without looking my notes”. That was his reply. So astonishing!

It caught me by surprise. Indeed, he had learned mathematics in the simplest way!

Learning mathematics is a fun-filled activity. It makes the lives of the students better and, us, too. Even this simple technique is interesting! I love students come to see me with toothy smiles, saying,” Sir, you make our study in mathematics in this university simple and easy”.

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