Landslides Paralyze a Village


By Vic Odarve

Like volcanoes, earthquakes, and tsunamis; landslides also paralyze a village where it occurs.

Landslide is characterized by a descent of a mass of earth and rock down a mountain slope due to gravity. The instability of the slope is sometimes triggered by earthquakes and heavy rains. Earthquakes may have caused stress, damage, and eventually weaken the foundation of rocks and earth of the mountain slopes. And during heavy rain, water seeps through cracks and pore spaces in underlying foundation, and encounters a layer of slippery material, such as limestone or clay. Thus, water-saturated soil becomes like liquid mud, an effect called liquefaction, and finally cracks the earth and stone formation of the slopes. If the support is not strong, the upper surface of these softened and well-lubricated layers of mass of earth and rock slides down due to gravity, thus a landslide occurs.

Cracks at Mayana Mountain Slope Cracks at Mayana Mountain…

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