Airport Security Inspection, Please!

                                                                                                                          By Vic Odarve

Although most travelers believe that tightening passenger screening is crucial to security so that safety must not be compromised, some find the airport inspection frustrating, inconvenience, and another headache. Nowadays airport terminal baggage and security inspections are not as easy as we think; a long line of passengers queuing for immigration and security checks will be experienced. Evidently, tight airport security is intended to make air travel safe and convenient. Remember the 9/11 attack on the twin towers! So no one will argue.

Passengers Waiting Area

Passengers Waiting Area

So our real adventure begins at the airport. Travelers, with luggage and carry-on baggage must follow a snake like cordoned line, queue in the established points of inspection inside the international airport.

“Security inspection please”, one of the airport security told every traveler as he inspected your baggage and conducted bodily checked up. As inspection was done manually, it almost took an hour queuing; opening and closing your checked luggage and presentation of the necessary travel documents. Then an inspection on carry-on baggage, shoes, laptops, was done through in the x-ray machine.

At this point with the imaging technology, airport security personnel screened passengers faster and efficient to detect prohibitive materials while maintaining passenger privacy. This mitigated risk and ensured the safety of the traveling public.

But just a few meters from that inspection point, another security inspector was stationed to recheck the carry-on bag and do some bodily security inspection. Carry-on baggage was required to open and check its contents; airport officer asked several questions while doing the inspection and finally finished his search to the pocket of my pants. Upon seeing something inside, he said “There, that one”. I pulled out some and give him something. The final inspection finished and the officer bye with a smiling face.

International Airport Terminal

International Airport Terminal

Finally, I felt exhausted and joined other passengers already in the waiting area who greeted with thumbs up sign. I knew what they meant. Maybe I was doing it right for the first time. They, too, were doing the same thing. And at last, I was waiting to board the plane.

Though we feel somewhat airport inspection frustrating, inconvenience, and another headache, tight airport security is intended to make our air travel safe and convenient. Maybe next time, it will be your turn. Whether you like it or not, your real adventure starts at the airport. Once inside the terminal you will be greeted,” Sir, airport, and security inspection, please!

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