Moments with Grandchildren

     By Vic Odarve

Spending quality time with grandchildren while they are still a toddler is one of the best moments a grandparent could have. They look innocent and attractive. Playing with them gives fun. They give joy and happiness; a sunshine of your life. Time spent is a time worth to remember!

Rocket Irie and Atong Achilles

Rocket Irie and Atong Achilles

Bonding moment

Bonding moment with Atong

Their innocent looking faces remind us the moment we were younger and more so, like sparrows and water lilies, have the right to live in this universe; their sparkling blue eyes seem to scan the new world they are in; their beautiful smiles brighten our days. They are charming that we have to touch and cuddle them gently and comfortably with our great helping hand. Their entry to this world reminds us to travel back in time; that is, holding a baby and humming an age- old sweet lullaby to feel them sleeping in our arms.

By simply playing  with our hands touching their soft skin  and with an eye to eye contact gives fun. They are playful. Like a tadpole from a still water they are always moving in any direction that gives us an attention we could not ignore. The way they move and how they smile can be a sort of resemblance to their aunts, uncles, mom or dad …a reminder that they belong to your clan. It is indeed funny things to observe. A reminder to where they belong!

Welcoming the new members of the family

Welcoming the new members of the family

Indeed, the moment of joy and laughter emanating from them enables us to forget our problems for a while and develop a positive outlook to keep moving forward. These help in healing the pain from the ups and down in our journey. We can feel the innate connection from their bodily actions and thinking…we are interconnected.

Henceforth, moments with grandchildren are times to remember their smiling and beautiful faces; enjoy the softness of their touch as they play in our own arms in comfort. This makes life as grandparents enjoyable and happy; a feeling seems difficult to describe. Spending quality moments while they are still young is one of the momentous events in our life. They are the bridges from our generation to the

next generation; their coming means a big welcome to the family. These moments are beyond forgetting!

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