Videoke Singing Makes People Happy and Healthy

By Vic Odarve

As more and more people around the globe are looking for a better and longer life, videoke singing is the best pastime they could have. It gives happiness as it brings a positive mood, vibrant outlook, and forget problems at work and home, and gives people positive psychological and physical effects. It further necessitates deep breathing, reduce anxiety, and relieve stress; thus facilitates healthy life.

Over a bottle of beer

Over a bottle of beer

Videoke singing fosters happy mood as people sing along the highlighted song lyrics from a screen and follow a cursor as its guide. This gives a unique opportunity that even those who cannot even carry a tune can do singing with less effort or know-how; thus in the process building your confidence…at least singing in a crowd. Further, a score based on your ability to synchronize timing and pace with the lyrics, which the machine gives at the end of the song makes you happy. Why not? Just sing your favorite song and it will lower your depression and immediately brings you happiness. It encourages people to socialize with the group. Getting and singing along with the group with a bottle of beer combat the negative mood that often comes along their daily tasks in the city life. Scientists found out that singing activates the pleasure center of the male’s brain; the effect which doesn’t take place when you are not singing at all. As you concentrate singing, things like work or money or family problems are gone; keeping brains active and fend off depression, especially in older people.

Clan reunions in Mayana

Ednalgan Clan reunion in Mayana, May 2013

Moreover, videoke singing is highly entertaining and others consider it as a pastime and nothing more. But some are lucky and catapulted them to join talent search — “reality” singing competitions like “American Idol” and “Israel X Factor”. Constant practice may develop their innate talent as a singer, and maybe brings to stardom. Such was the case of Rose Fostanes, who from anonymous caregiver to reality TV star began in a south Tel Aviv karaoke bar, located a few doors down from a brothel; wins the hearts of the judges with her amazing voice; and won the contest Israel’s X-Factor. Thus, videoke singing brings her fame and happiness.

60 th birthday's celebration

60th birthday celebration

Health-wise, deep breathing and relaxation in controlling voice and other related actions as you sing along are components of meditation and physical exercise necessary for good health. Researchers found that the act of singing releases endorphins, the brain’s “feel good” chemicals. Singing also brings us a ‘lifted’ feeling which reduces stress; draws action which promotes good blood circulation, and in the process brings good health. Researchers at Japan’s Osaks University studied salivary cortical levels and other physiological responses and found that singing, especially music with a major (rather than minor) tone, is correlated with lowered stress as well as feelings of happiness; thus promotes health.

With friends singing together

With friends singing together

Indeed, videoke singing has broad and long-lasting effect on peoples’ well-being; and unknowingly brings the most dramatic effects on the lives. Thus, videoke, as one of the mainstream forms of entertainment around the world, whether at a birthday party or in bars and restaurants, makes people happy and healthy.

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