Be Happy: It is your Right!

By Vic Odarve

Happiness is the universal feeling that God has given to mankind; hence, we all aspire to experience more of it. Happy people are productive and the actions of one happy person can create a ripple effect that can eventually influence the world. Happiness is your matter of choice; by changing perspective in life, you can make every moment a happy moment. Be glad; it is your right!

 International Convention

 International Convention

God gives this feeling of happiness so that mankind will experience and feel and enjoy the beauty of His creation; that is why the psalmist often rendered songs of love and joy and praises for His great works. Nature is an ornament of His wondrous works of thy hands; from great fields and valleys, sparrows and water lilies, and into the vast cosmic ocean where heavenly bodies form an enormous web that spreads out in all directions of the universe and beyond. It is the feeling of happiness that humbles ourselves before the Maker and worships Him as great creator and the source of all things. It is a universal feeling. Whether you are born from wedlock, broken homes, abandoned families, etc.…. it is your right!

Glad people are optimistic and energetic; have better relationships with acquaintances, family members, and loved ones; and doing healthier lifestyles. In the recently concluded FIFA Brazil, when the Germans reach quarter final, they are optimistic that they become a champion – a belief that generates in the mind that anything is possible. In the end, they became champions; hence a pure joy and excitement for the players. Research also shows a direct correlation between better relationship and health and happiness. This implies we have to take in an effort to spend a time to recreate, practice session, relax, laughter, dining with those your friends and loved ones. Happiness, indeed, propels everyone to have more likely to accomplish the goal in life; tends to take better care of themselves by exercising more and eating healthier lifestyles, and you’ll have more days of good health to enjoy and brighten your day.

Christmas caroling

Christmas caroling

Happiness is your matter of choice, that being happy does not mean all are perfect. It is a thing of our life perspective; that being still here, it is wise to spend every moment a happy moment. In addition, there are many people who love you unconditionally and depend on you. They want to see your life happy. Love every minute because it is your right; you live today and gone tomorrow. You never know…. any of us could wake up tomorrow realizing we lose someone we love! Nobody knows!

Happiness is God gift to mankind. That is why you ought to change your life’s perspective; makes every moment in our life a happy moment. Be happy; it is your right!


Quiz Measures and Promotes Learning in Math

                              By Victor E. Odarve

Although much of the math classroom activity such as lectures and board works is aimed at helping students acquire and store knowledge, a quiz measures learning as well as to promote it. Quiz, as a measuring educational tool, enables the teacher to gage how far the students learn the course topic and if ready for the next course to be taken up. In addition, a quiz also promotes stronger learning as students have improved retention of the topic and store it more securely in the memory. Quiz, therefore, as a part of a classroom routine, is yardstick on how far are our students learn as well as sort of mechanism in promoting stronger learning.

Engineering Math Quiz

Engineering Math Quiz

Although quiz puts the students under pressure, it allows the teacher to measure their progress in a particular topic, locking in learning along the way, and redirecting effort to areas of weakness where more work and review are needed to achieve proficiency. It also yields hints for the teachers who the weaker and stronger students are – who requires extra attention and who needs more of a challenge. In math, it can change the calculus in time table that is, allowing the

University Campus

University Campus

teacher a flexible time for discussion. Without it, teachers cannot evaluate whether the educational goals and standards of the lessons are being met.

In addition to as a measuring tool, quiz promotes stronger learning by encouraging students to practice their valuable skill of retrieving and using the stored knowledge. Several studies reveal that much of what we learn is quickly forgotten, but there is an improved retention of knowledge after taking a quiz.

Studies further show that quiz serves students best when they are incorporated into the regular classroom classes. This takes into account, among other matters, the students to overcome anxiety when getting up for and taking government standardized exams or practice long examinations such as close of semester examinations. By putting into practice the accessing or applying the stored knowledge, the students build mastery of the course.

Although this requires an ample time for the teachers to deal out and marking the scripts, quiz measures and encourages effective learning at all grade levels in math. So, the quiz is not just a tool to quantify and measure how effective the teaching method is, but also promotes students learning.

That Awful Old Age

                By Vic Odarve

Whether we like it or not we are getting older in the passing of years and that awful old age, called “elderly” has two faces to challenge —deplorable stage or relatively affluent living conditions.

Auntie Pising at 92 years old

Deplorable elderly conditions are common among the poor families in our society where they live alone in the homes with the absence of care from the sons or daughters or help from the government. While on the other hand, elderly who hail from affluent families spend their twilight years in the household of their children, grandchildren, and relatives and friends and receive great tender love and care.

The first picture is a horrible one. Incapacitated elderly that are usually long decline in death suffered most; incapable of continuing to live alone and members of the family or relatives simply abandon or did not extend help. Some of them are bedridden, paralytic, and other stricken diseases that place them in very deplorable conditions. They clearly need assistance, compassion, and understanding, and kindness from a well-minded individual.

However, there are some elderly who still enjoy life living together with their children or grandchildren as they did since the beginning; supported by the relatively affluent families and friends. Most of them are receiving pensions and other benefits from governments. They are treated as members of their children’s family with basic needs in life; reminding us to take care of our own dear children at the prime of our life.

Our neighbor Casimiro at 94 years old

No one really knows how long a person lives. For those who are not fortunate enough ended their twilight years in the government homes for the aged; away from their beloved children and grandchildren, relatives and friends. As by most cultural tradition, parents who care their children through thick and thin throughout the journey in their lives and able to manage as a whole knitted family ended their twilight years under the loving arms of their children.

In spite of advances in the modern medical profession, all of us are getting older about the passing years; the thought of what might happen to us as we cross to the dark side of old age is a real drama of our life. Mankind must return from dust to dust, but before knocking out to the world stage, an unspeakable old age presses people down, rendering either living in a deplorable or well-cared stage in their lives. The fact is, most of us come to a frail stage and whether we like it or not, that awful old age is a reality that everyone has to accept.

Engineering Economics Final Exam Review ENG 221


Study the following problems:

1. An Indomie Plant is estimated to cost N 2 Million and the expected annual revenue is N800,000.00 for 4 years. Salvage value is 10 % of the investment. Annual operation and maintenance costs are N300000.00. Taxes and insurance is 5 % of the first cost per year. If the owner wants his capital investment to earn 25 % before income tax, evaluate if this project is profitable or not. Discuss the result. Evaluate by                   a) Rate of Return Method (ROR)             b) Annual worth method

Classroom Quiz

Classroom Quiz

2. An Enugu Charcoal Stove Company is producing a stove at a cost of N2000.00 per unit. Other fixed cost per year is estimated to be N60,000.00. The company sells the stove at N3000.00 each. Determine the number of stoves to be produced per year to breakeven.

3. To make calculation easier for Economics a student buys a laptop which costs N100,000.00 and has a salvage value of N20000.00 after 5 years. Determine the depreciation charge during the second year using a) straight line b) declining balance c) 150 % declining balance d) double declining balance e) sum of the years digit method.

4. Find the interest and the amount after 200 days of the N2000.00 loaned at 10 % ordinary simple interest.

5. Determine the amount of compounded interest earned for a N 600,000.00

Madonna university sunset

Madonna university sunset

deposited in a bank at a rate of 10 % compounded monthly for 6 years and 6 months.

6. Determine the number of years required for a N20,000.00 will be increased by N 5,000.00 if the interest rate is 14 % compounded semi annually ?

7. A parent deposited N 5000.00 in a bank 30 years ago. Today it is worth N 12,000.00 . Interest is paid semi annually. Determine the interest rate paid on this account.

8. Determine the accumulated amount and present worth of a 10 year annuity paying N 7000.00 at the end of each year with interest at 14% compounded annually?

8. What is the amount to be deposited at the end of every month at interest rate of 10% compounded quarterly so that it becomes N 40641.00 after 4 years?

9. A student deposited n 2000.00 in a bank at 15% annual interest at the end of each year. If the student is now 20 years old, how old the student be when the fund accumulated to N 1 million?

Facebook Breeds Jealousy and False Picture of Real Life

                                                 by  Vic  Odarve

Although Facebook connects friendship; makes the world smaller, and other benefits; it also breeds jealousy and distorts a real life picture. Beautiful pictures, family successes, job satisfaction, spending vacations abroad, etc. posted in one’s wall often stir envy among your so called friends and close acquaintances. Facebook also gives a distorted picture of one’s real life; portrays only beautiful images in the posts and not even one of the failures. But we all know that life doesn’t always turn out that way, hence the so called friends get jealous and false picture of the real life.

Spending moments at Loay floating restaurant, Bohol, Philippines

Spending moments at Loay floating restaurant, Bohol, Philippines, May 21,2014.

Facebook stirs up an intense feeling of envy. We can see on posts routinely boasting beautiful house, brand new vehicles, successful children, and going on holidays abroad. Some previous schoolmates and friends, even posted a picture of driving a latest car model with a beautiful girlfriend. And so a comparison takes place. Comparing our friends’ achievements are normal — studies show that even monkeys and dogs measure themselves against their peers.

Constant updates may lead people compare with others and probably get more envious; learning about their achievements and overtake you even hit harder. As a result, depression, frustration, dissatisfaction, and other negative emotions set in. On Facebook, envy can proliferate much more easily because of links to other social media; thus, can make people feel much worse about their own lives.

Facebook gives us a false picture in our friends and relatives real life. They may be more likely to trumpet their successes than failures; put more photos and updates of their beautiful lives than moments of desperation. All these things generate an impression that they are living a much better life than their peers. Some friends

Engineering Math Class in action at Madonna University, Africa

Engineering Math Class in action at Madonna University, Africa

spend time creating their own profile, adding pictures and information about themselves to show the world their high profile in society. One thing is clear; they do not share pictures or information which puts their life in a negative light; in the process, giving a distorted scenario that what their life is really like.

One of my friends in Facebook looks very impressive; all pictures and achievements and successes in life everybody can admire of. But when I visited them a few days ago, his family seemed perfect; beautiful home with three kids, beautiful cars of latest model, beautiful wife managing a good company; everything as it would appear was perfect. And he was just promoted as an executive in a big company; his career in high gear. But spending a weekend with them, I noticed their family was not a happy one. There seemed to be a feeling of disunity among them, negative attitude of the children is clear, and love insecurity, etc.…. the wholesome relationship was obviously missing…an ingredient that cannot be filled up with all the material things

Gathering of pilgrims at the first week of the month at Elele Pilgrimage Center, Nigeria, Africa

Gathering of pilgrims every first week of the month at Elele Pilgrimage Center, Nigeria, Africa. The center draws around 2000 pilgrims lasting 3 day celebration.

and work successes they have possessed. All these negatives in life were not posted on Facebook… a good life picture in Facebook has been just a mere impression and nothing more.

Because people post beautiful pictures, achievements, and updates, Facebook breed jealousy and creates a false picture of reality which gives them the impression that everyone is living a much better life than they are.

EMT 202 Final Exam Review

As an area of concentration on final exam EMT 202 on July 14, 2014, the following exercises serve as your guide. Final exams are close notes and books affair. Similar exercises will come out.

1. Find the product of matrices M and N.

M = [8 4 0 ; -2 6 -3; 0 -4 2]                where  M is a 3×3 matrix
N = [3 -5; 5 -6; -3 -7]                                            N is a 3 x2 matrix

2. For matrix 3 x 3 matrix A,

A = [ 2    3     4 ; 4     1      6 ; 2      -2      4 ]

Find          a) determinant of matrix
b) cofactor of matrix A
c) cofactor transpose of A
d) inverse of matrix A

3. Solve the values of x, y, and z using            a) Gauss Jordan method            B) Cramer’s rule
C) Gaussian elimination method         d) LU Factorization

2x +2y-4z-4=0
2x+5y+8z -4=0

4. Solve the system of coupled first order DE using matrix method.

f1’(x) = 4 f1(x) +10 f 2 (x)
f2’(x) = 3f1(x) +5 f 2 (x)
where f1(0) = 2                 f2(0) = 3

5. Find the eigenvalues and eigenvectors of a matrix [2           -5; 1           -4].

6. Find the modal and spectral matrices of the matrix A = [ 7          6; 6          2]

7. Find the dot and cross products of vectors a= 5i – 17j +12k and b= – 2i +4j – 6k.

8. Find the image of the line 2y – 3x = 4 under the translation   [1    -2].

9. Find the modal matrix P and diagonal matrix using similarity transformation D = P -1 A P.
Matrix A = [ 2          -5;  1      -4]






Simple Pleasures from Facebook

                                                     By  Vic Odarve

Just by linking up and posting anything on your wall, Facebook presents you simple pleasure! That’s it. By joining yourself to this website, old acquaintances, relatives and family members are back to life, thus makes simpler for you to interact and organize some activities. By posting anything on your wall, you will be able to share with your friends and relatives the latest news, events and updates in your various activities. Facebook, a website serving more than 400 million users around the world, indeed, gives pleasure from these services.

Facebook connects friends and family circles

Facebook connects friends and family circles

Facebook connects you to the world of your friends, family circles, and relatives; and allow you to join other people with similar interests and goals. This would be the easiest means to find and interact your lost, old and new friends than any other forms of social media; resurrecting the long-forgotten acquaintances. Thus, with a connection you can create new friendships and renew old ones; Facebooking meets new people and in the process making friends. This also keeps friends and family circle and closer acquaintances united and offers the opportunity to create a positive self-image. Thus, it connects you to the outside world in an instant in contrast to a postal system that only delivers mail to houses in the days of our grandparents.

Two-year old Rocket learning e-technology

Two-year old Rocket has his own Facebook account

Facebook allows people to post anything that values their life and shares them to their friends; keeps people to enjoy the responses from the postings on the wall; and through reading from other posts, they feel a lot more open-minded for the friends complain about being depressed, alone, unloved and pain arising from family problems. They can post on the wall different activities such as family reunions, and outing, birthdays, and the like. Through the wall, they can tell friends how they feel, and how the life is going on; free to react to the wall post by commenting on it. Videos, pictures, and music can be posted at their own delight and want to share it to their friends.

Parents must teach their kids on some apps program

Jostling over their Facebook accounts

Like a wormhole and entanglement— hypothetical shortcuts through space-time, with Facebook friends and close acquaintances are entangled; they retain a connection even when separated over great distances, so that activities performed from friends affect the other. Features such as comments and likes spaces enable the users to interact at their convenient time or own leisure…. a privilege missing in other social media. Some users post daily the pictures of the beauty of African sunrise and sunset at their own pleasures; others post a love quotes and poems from famous Indian poets. These people receive various comments of appreciation from friends and love ones which spark happiness. Writing your own comments and any ideas also feels great. By just simply ticking the likes, friends also feel the appreciation of what you have done… something, a feeling of satisfaction that money cannot buy. Thus, Facebook brought pleasure to every user!

They are part of our life.

They are part of our life.

For many people, Facebook becomes the primary means of communication; absolutely keeping in touch with everyone in life that they want to be acquainted with; and by simply connecting and posting anything on their wall give them pleasures.