Simple Pleasures from Facebook

                                                     By  Vic Odarve

Just by linking up and posting anything on your wall, Facebook presents you simple pleasure! That’s it. By joining yourself to this website, old acquaintances, relatives and family members are back to life, thus makes simpler for you to interact and organize some activities. By posting anything on your wall, you will be able to share with your friends and relatives the latest news, events and updates in your various activities. Facebook, a website serving more than 400 million users around the world, indeed, gives pleasure from these services.

Facebook connects friends and family circles

Facebook connects friends and family circles

Facebook connects you to the world of your friends, family circles, and relatives; and allow you to join other people with similar interests and goals. This would be the easiest means to find and interact your lost, old and new friends than any other forms of social media; resurrecting the long-forgotten acquaintances. Thus, with a connection you can create new friendships and renew old ones; Facebooking meets new people and in the process making friends. This also keeps friends and family circle and closer acquaintances united and offers the opportunity to create a positive self-image. Thus, it connects you to the outside world in an instant in contrast to a postal system that only delivers mail to houses in the days of our grandparents.

Two-year old Rocket learning e-technology

Two-year old Rocket has his own Facebook account

Facebook allows people to post anything that values their life and shares them to their friends; keeps people to enjoy the responses from the postings on the wall; and through reading from other posts, they feel a lot more open-minded for the friends complain about being depressed, alone, unloved and pain arising from family problems. They can post on the wall different activities such as family reunions, and outing, birthdays, and the like. Through the wall, they can tell friends how they feel, and how the life is going on; free to react to the wall post by commenting on it. Videos, pictures, and music can be posted at their own delight and want to share it to their friends.

Parents must teach their kids on some apps program

Jostling over their Facebook accounts

Like a wormhole and entanglement— hypothetical shortcuts through space-time, with Facebook friends and close acquaintances are entangled; they retain a connection even when separated over great distances, so that activities performed from friends affect the other. Features such as comments and likes spaces enable the users to interact at their convenient time or own leisure…. a privilege missing in other social media. Some users post daily the pictures of the beauty of African sunrise and sunset at their own pleasures; others post a love quotes and poems from famous Indian poets. These people receive various comments of appreciation from friends and love ones which spark happiness. Writing your own comments and any ideas also feels great. By just simply ticking the likes, friends also feel the appreciation of what you have done… something, a feeling of satisfaction that money cannot buy. Thus, Facebook brought pleasure to every user!

They are part of our life.

They are part of our life.

For many people, Facebook becomes the primary means of communication; absolutely keeping in touch with everyone in life that they want to be acquainted with; and by simply connecting and posting anything on their wall give them pleasures.

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