That Awful Old Age

                By Vic Odarve

Whether we like it or not we are getting older in the passing of years and that awful old age, called “elderly” has two faces to challenge —deplorable stage or relatively affluent living conditions.

Auntie Pising at 92 years old

Deplorable elderly conditions are common among the poor families in our society where they live alone in the homes with the absence of care from the sons or daughters or help from the government. While on the other hand, elderly who hail from affluent families spend their twilight years in the household of their children, grandchildren, and relatives and friends and receive great tender love and care.

The first picture is a horrible one. Incapacitated elderly that are usually long decline in death suffered most; incapable of continuing to live alone and members of the family or relatives simply abandon or did not extend help. Some of them are bedridden, paralytic, and other stricken diseases that place them in very deplorable conditions. They clearly need assistance, compassion, and understanding, and kindness from a well-minded individual.

However, there are some elderly who still enjoy life living together with their children or grandchildren as they did since the beginning; supported by the relatively affluent families and friends. Most of them are receiving pensions and other benefits from governments. They are treated as members of their children’s family with basic needs in life; reminding us to take care of our own dear children at the prime of our life.

Our neighbor Casimiro at 94 years old

No one really knows how long a person lives. For those who are not fortunate enough ended their twilight years in the government homes for the aged; away from their beloved children and grandchildren, relatives and friends. As by most cultural tradition, parents who care their children through thick and thin throughout the journey in their lives and able to manage as a whole knitted family ended their twilight years under the loving arms of their children.

In spite of advances in the modern medical profession, all of us are getting older about the passing years; the thought of what might happen to us as we cross to the dark side of old age is a real drama of our life. Mankind must return from dust to dust, but before knocking out to the world stage, an unspeakable old age presses people down, rendering either living in a deplorable or well-cared stage in their lives. The fact is, most of us come to a frail stage and whether we like it or not, that awful old age is a reality that everyone has to accept.

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