Quiz Measures and Promotes Learning in Math

                              By Victor E. Odarve

Although much of the math classroom activity such as lectures and board works is aimed at helping students acquire and store knowledge, a quiz measures learning as well as to promote it. Quiz, as a measuring educational tool, enables the teacher to gage how far the students learn the course topic and if ready for the next course to be taken up. In addition, a quiz also promotes stronger learning as students have improved retention of the topic and store it more securely in the memory. Quiz, therefore, as a part of a classroom routine, is yardstick on how far are our students learn as well as sort of mechanism in promoting stronger learning.

Engineering Math Quiz

Engineering Math Quiz

Although quiz puts the students under pressure, it allows the teacher to measure their progress in a particular topic, locking in learning along the way, and redirecting effort to areas of weakness where more work and review are needed to achieve proficiency. It also yields hints for the teachers who the weaker and stronger students are – who requires extra attention and who needs more of a challenge. In math, it can change the calculus in time table that is, allowing the

University Campus

University Campus

teacher a flexible time for discussion. Without it, teachers cannot evaluate whether the educational goals and standards of the lessons are being met.

In addition to as a measuring tool, quiz promotes stronger learning by encouraging students to practice their valuable skill of retrieving and using the stored knowledge. Several studies reveal that much of what we learn is quickly forgotten, but there is an improved retention of knowledge after taking a quiz.

Studies further show that quiz serves students best when they are incorporated into the regular classroom classes. This takes into account, among other matters, the students to overcome anxiety when getting up for and taking government standardized exams or practice long examinations such as close of semester examinations. By putting into practice the accessing or applying the stored knowledge, the students build mastery of the course.

Although this requires an ample time for the teachers to deal out and marking the scripts, quiz measures and encourages effective learning at all grade levels in math. So, the quiz is not just a tool to quantify and measure how effective the teaching method is, but also promotes students learning.

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