Be Happy: It is your Right!

By Vic Odarve

Happiness is the universal feeling that God has given to mankind; hence, we all aspire to experience more of it. Happy people are productive and the actions of one happy person can create a ripple effect that can eventually influence the world. Happiness is your matter of choice; by changing perspective in life, you can make every moment a happy moment. Be glad; it is your right!

 International Convention

 International Convention

God gives this feeling of happiness so that mankind will experience and feel and enjoy the beauty of His creation; that is why the psalmist often rendered songs of love and joy and praises for His great works. Nature is an ornament of His wondrous works of thy hands; from great fields and valleys, sparrows and water lilies, and into the vast cosmic ocean where heavenly bodies form an enormous web that spreads out in all directions of the universe and beyond. It is the feeling of happiness that humbles ourselves before the Maker and worships Him as great creator and the source of all things. It is a universal feeling. Whether you are born from wedlock, broken homes, abandoned families, etc.…. it is your right!

Glad people are optimistic and energetic; have better relationships with acquaintances, family members, and loved ones; and doing healthier lifestyles. In the recently concluded FIFA Brazil, when the Germans reach quarter final, they are optimistic that they become a champion – a belief that generates in the mind that anything is possible. In the end, they became champions; hence a pure joy and excitement for the players. Research also shows a direct correlation between better relationship and health and happiness. This implies we have to take in an effort to spend a time to recreate, practice session, relax, laughter, dining with those your friends and loved ones. Happiness, indeed, propels everyone to have more likely to accomplish the goal in life; tends to take better care of themselves by exercising more and eating healthier lifestyles, and you’ll have more days of good health to enjoy and brighten your day.

Christmas caroling

Christmas caroling

Happiness is your matter of choice, that being happy does not mean all are perfect. It is a thing of our life perspective; that being still here, it is wise to spend every moment a happy moment. In addition, there are many people who love you unconditionally and depend on you. They want to see your life happy. Love every minute because it is your right; you live today and gone tomorrow. You never know…. any of us could wake up tomorrow realizing we lose someone we love! Nobody knows!

Happiness is God gift to mankind. That is why you ought to change your life’s perspective; makes every moment in our life a happy moment. Be happy; it is your right!

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