Russia and China Play Stakes Game

                                                by Vic Odarve

Just pondering over the checkered board what the best next moves like chess, Russia and China play the dangerous games, that a wrong move lead to a disaster. Russia seems to be in a zugwang, still to find her next move to extricate from difficult positions over the downing of the Malaysian Airline. China, on the other hand, looks for best tactical maneuvers to snatch South China Sea inlets claimed by most of its neighbors and defies the international norm on settling disputes thru United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. Both countries play dangerous games!

Russia BUK missile launcher

Russia BUK missile launcher

Now, as the situation develops after the downing of the Malaysian Airlines, which was believed fired by a missile from Moscow supported separatists in Eastern Ukraine, Russia finds it difficult to justify its action particularly to its allies and its opponents- the western countries and United States. Although Europe relies heavily on Russian energy exports, the latest tragedy complicates her position; pushing neighbors away from the orbit of

Malaysian airline wreckage

Malaysian airline wreckage

influence. But still, as the posturing going on after the impressive modern, well trained and fully equipped Russian Army swiftly conquered Crimea, the war-gaming on the Ukrainian border still persists over the past months. The support for the separatists and war games along the Ukrainian border doubted the west on her true intentions. This is a risky maneuver.

On the other hand, China looks to

Chinese Coast Guard Patrols South China Sea

Chinese Coast Guard Patrols South China Sea

be campaigning as hard as she can until meeting resistance on its own game over the South China Sea. China, as it spreads out its role in the world economy, engages in territorial disputes with its neighbors in the petroleum-rich South China Sea, and frequent skirmishes with the West over intellectual property publications. A group of disputed islands, known as Senkaku in Japan and Diaoyu in China, also creates friction between the two countries; rejecting proposals to freeze on oil rigging near Vietnam and building what appears like an airstrip in a disputed island near the Philippines also raise tensions in disputed waters.

The world, along with the UN and western allies, are trying hard to make sure the present volatile situation doesn’t escalate. These nations have nuclear weapons, which, if not properly manage, can turn into catastrophe. These flurries of international crises that involve Russia and China seem difficult for the UN and its supporters to respond. China’s deaf ears to settle through UN mediation and Russia’s support for separatists in eastern Ukraine, are breaching the international norms.

As always in world history, the United Nations and the western allies are the last walls to deter the expansions. Red lines establishments, calculated sanctions, and enforcements of the international laws and UN charters are some of the measures to save peace rather than to force military experts to their own drawing boards.

These current situations are very delicate and a mite too late to resolve may result to another apocalypse. Like matter and antimatter which annihilates each other, there are always pros and cons, as violators and abiders to international law. Nobody wants to fight like the World War II. But both Russia and China are now playing a high stakes game!

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