World War 3 is on the Horizon

                                                By Vic  Odarve

Let’s look at the world today. Ingredients for the World War 3 are there. Nationalist sentiments and patriotic displays, major powers lined up against one another, and American strength looks weakening. Like Hitler, Putin sentiments of Russian-speaking people residing in his neighboring countries are high that he wants to rescue them on the pretext of being oppressed. Russia and China are in good terms forming allies with some authoritarian regimes throughout the world while the United States has its European and NATO partners. American strengths policing the world which worked well since 1945 up to the present are looking more fragile than ever before.

Over a bottle of beer

Over a bottle of beer. When war comes, all gatherings will be put to an end.

Russia’s concerned about its Russian-speaking people in Ukraine’s ended in dramatic invasion and eventually annex Crimea, and now switching his head on the Russian-speaking Eastern part of Ukraine. Strong militarily, Russia flexes his muscles supporting separatists from its weaker neighbors and sometimes through intimidation, covert activities, and if by chance, invasion. The emotion to unite all Russian speaking people to his fold is the same old story that ignites the two previous world wars. A world war can start with a tiny skirmish like Ukraine. This display of nationalism and patriotism is one of the major ingredients that brought the world into flames.

Nuclear Bomb

Nuclear Bomb

As always in our history, major power group and align themselves, bounded by treaties with common understanding and interests working for them like a brotherhood. Most often, like the forces of good and evil as world’s eternal players, major powers look for a competitive edge over the other with an elaborate arsenal of defenses and secret weapons. Groups exert the influence in politics and trades and other deadly games in countless ways, forming a landscape that sometimes threatens world peace. Both develop strengths as well as preparing to rescue if one of the members is threatened by his enemies. Therefore, peace may become fragile as what is today.

The peace that Jesus gives is not fragile like the peace the world gives.

The peace that Jesus gives is not fragile like the peace the world gives.

Lately, Russia has reminded the west not to interfere with their business because of his nuclear arsenal. China, on the other hand, is trying to dominate the Asian region with its ambition in claiming almost all of the South China Sea. The same with Russia, she bullies her small neighbors to claim the islands as their own despite against the laws on the International Convention of the Sea. Both countries are trying to disregard the established international laws backed by the United Nations. Among the members of their alliance are countries believed to possess nuclear arms such as Iran, and North Korea. A small miscalculation leads to nuclear Armageddon.
Since 1945 up to the present, the world has relatively experienced peace. Thanks, largely in part to the American strength that flexes its muscle through diplomacy and militarily in confronting disputes among nations coupled with the United Nations. But technological advances have brought rapid arms race. American strength looks more fragile. And the way things the world is going on, the rapid rise of Russia and China both in arms strength and influence, and disregard to the International law and the United Nations, the United States as world policeman for several decades seems to be lost.

World peace is now fragile as in before World War 2. But wars are part of our future. It is already written in the Bible and has been shaping our history. But Jesus warned us and left an invitation to mankind before going to his Father in heaven that his peace is not fragile like the peace the world gives… it is an eternal peace.

“Peace be with you; I give you my peace. Not as the world gives peace do I give it to you. Do not be troubled; do not be afraid.” John 14:17

Today, there is a growing concern that peace may come to an end. It is fragile. World war 3 is on the horizon!

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