Manny Pacquiao; Mayweather’s Last Frontier

                       By Vic Odarve

The fight is on! Both fighters have agreed on May 2, 2015!

Pacquiao has been an eyesore for Mayweather; a hindrance to his fame and glory; and his last frontier to cement his 47-win without a single loss to his record. For more than five years, boxing enthusiasts see Pacquiao as the legitimate contender- an eyesore to Mayweather. By all indications, a win in this fight puts Mayweather as the best welterweight boxers on this planet; hence this fight is the last frontier to cement his legacy.

Pacquiao and Mayweather

Pacquiao and Mayweather

Yes, an eyesore! To date Pacquiao keeps on winning after three fights among the best in his division… a picture difficult to ignore by Mayweather who is also on the same division. This megabout for this two pound for pound kings on the division has been a fight the boxing world has been clamoring for the past five years.

A win will catapult Mayweather to the best welterweight fighters of this generation. That is why Pacquiao would be his last frontier in boxing profession before retiring for good. But if Pacquiao wins, history puts him the honor and record as a boxer who beat Mayweather… tainting his zero loss record.

De la Hoya after the fight

De la Hoya after the fight

Predictions on who will win this blockbuster fight are difficult. Mayweather is the defensive specialist, while Pacquiao is a punching machine with power. Many boxing analysts claimed Mayweather have many advantages; from the heavily built body, defensive boxing prowess, and able to read and adjust his game at early stage and exploit the weaknesses of his opponents. Pacquiao, on other hand, maybe one of the most versatile southpaws; with power punches deliver in uncanny angles, can move in and out, and exhibits faster hand speed.

Magarito after the fight

Magarito after the fight

A few years ago, my prediction for Pacquiao fights against De La Hoya and Margarito was terribly wrong. I believed that both de la Hoya and Margarito, with bigger frame and possess a track record as one of the best punchers won those fights. Instead, both were pulverized by the speed and the power of the smaller Pacquiao. But, that time Pacquiao was in the prime of his career!

Today, it would be difficult to predict the outcome. It would be on May 2 the protagonists will give their best in the ring. This would put an end to a question on who is better among these two boxing superstars. And who will win! Nobody knows!


Math Becomes Easy

                                   By Vic Odarve

“Really math becomes easy when the teacher explains well and I follow it up at home”, exclaimed an engineering student.

Competent teacher, conducting a review of the notes every after the class, and practice by reworking the steps, are all needed to understand math. Math professor, like King Solomon, must discuss math in an eloquent and conversationalist way, expert and master on the course topics, and has an ability to challenge the students. Students, on their part, must review the notes after the class to enhance memory retention. Then, actual rework or practice on what was discussed and solved in the classroom. And math becomes an easy prey!

Math is most difficult course in College

Math is the most difficult course in College

The professor must know very well the intricacies and beauty of the numbers hidden in math; he can explain lucidly the subject matter in a simple way and invite the students who are afraid of numbers to ask and interact during the classroom discussion. The classroom becomes a learning place where students often refer to as their second home. This is the place where they can voice out and share their own opinion with others; and

Math Professor detailsthe steps

Math Professor details the steps

learn from their classmates by asking. A competent teacher is like an environmental designer; keeps classroom atmosphere conducive to learning. He establishes redlines; build up student’s confidence, and keep the math course easy and simple instead of intimidating and frightening.

Engineering students at work

Engineering students at work at Madonna University

Conducting a review on the topics discuss in the classroom proves to retain further one’s memory. The study showed that the first in a two- hour lecture is the most effective period for memory retention. Faced with this dilemma, a review after the class is needed to recover part of the time where memory retention was least. Reading the notes for a few minutes after classroom strengthen further your memory. Any lapses and misunderstood notes can be easily corrected by recalling your memory.

Finally, students must rework the problems and its solution steps. Although simple as it is, this is the most important part of learning math. The practice enables students to understand the whys, how, and when, these steps are done. It keeps their mind working; challenging ideas at will, and keeps them on the state of analyzing and recognizing patterns. Math is like a game of chess; sometimes pondering the board to find the best moves over your opponents; the clearer the picture over the situation, the better your moves and win the games. Reworking the classroom’s lectures makes understanding perfect!

It is not that math is difficult because it is math and students could not get along with numbers; with competent teachers, coupled with regular patience to open your notes after the class, and constant practice, learning math becomes easy and enjoyable. Students and math, then become the very best of friends.

China and Russia: Equated to Nazi Germany

By Vic Odarve

A glimpse on world history showed that countries which started a huge, bloody conflict and blown out into catastrophic proportions have a common denominator; authoritarian rule, expansionist policy, and bullying small and powerless neighbors. Authoritarian rule is akin to martial law whose leaders often perceive as rulers with unlimited powers; few elite people make decisions and control the economy. In order to grow their influence and economic reasons, they have to expand the territories under the guises of freeing their oppressed people. Through their advanced and better military hardwares, they intimidate and bully small and powerless neighbors. Nazi Germany did it before. Today, China and Russia are equated to Nazi Germany.

South China Sea

South China Sea

Both China and Russia are authoritarian countries; that is, only a few manage and control the government, and repress their citizens. Russia, a corrupt country fights its survival to make its place safe for corruption. Since authoritarian rule represses their citizens, many journalists who try to investigate the government’s shadowy activities and transactions die a horrible and excruciating death, leaving neither traces nor investigation. Both countries have a tightly controlled political system that leaves little room for

China President Xi Jinping shakes hand with Obama

China President Xi Jinping shakes hand with Obama

dissent. Confrontation seems futile; people are too scared to form a united opposition. A few weeks ago, China executed prominent business tycoon Liu Han, chairman of the Hanlong Group, and Forbes ranked the 148th richest person in China in 2012. He was charged of running a crime syndicate and involved in a campaign of intimidation since 1990. In Russia, Khodorkovsky,

Russia President Putin

Russia President Putin

once Russia’s richest man, was put in prison in 2005 on charges of tax evasion and fraud. Some European countries including the United States accused Russia of “selective prosecution” and abuse of the legal system.

One common ambition of these two countries is to expand the present territories, whether by force or by other stealthy moves. Putin wants to restore the old USSR with Russia as the center of its power and powerful army in the heart of its satellites including Ukraine. That is the picture before the collapse of the federation in 1992. Today, slowly and slowly, he is now attempting to reassert Russian leadership over the post-Soviet states, and intervenes economically and militarily in its “near abroad. Russia sent its tanks into Georgia in 2008, invaded and annexed Crimea by stealth last year, and played proxy war in Eastern Ukraine. Its shadowy incursion into Georgia and Ukraine speaks it all.

China, on the other hand,  claimed almost the entire South China Sea – an area defined by the “nine-dash line” which Beijing says its right to the area comes from 2,000 years of history where the Paracel and Spratly island chains were regarded as integral parts of the Chinese nation. Both the Philippines and China lay claim to the Scarborough Shoal which is located 100 miles (160km) from the Philippines and 500 miles from China.

With powerful military at their disposal, both countries tend to intimidate and bully their neighbors by military posturing, invading the sovereignty, and annexing territory. China, on the other hand, turned deaf ears from their neighbors’ complaints; built an airstrip and conducted oil exploration in the contested South China Sea. Russia warned US and NATO and EU to keep out from Ukraine for he has nuclear power that could lead to nuclear Armageddon.

Putin, far more dangerous than politicians, is on the diplomatic table for Ukraine on his proxy war; winning major concession such as restoration of Ukrainian control over the border with Russia in the separatist-controlled areas, and grant wide powers to the eastern regions, including the right to form their own police force and trade freely with Russia. China defies any diplomatic effort on his own; refuses to participate in a United Nations arbitration process. Economic sanctions hit Russia, but it does not deter Putin; cases were filed by Asian countries for China, but China ignores it.

As always shown in history, appeasement or concession to an aggressor does not work as in the case of Hitler; economic sanctions may bite, but does not always sway these leaders to back down; military solution accelerates the fuel burning. Only diplomatic effort may save from these conflicts to a nuclear explosion. These leaders when cornered choose instead to escalate the crisis and risk an all-out confrontation. China and Russia offer their new world order calculus, but, most people say, can be equated to Nazi Germany.

Connection Works!

                                                by Vic Odarve

Due to the perennial problems of unemployment, salary increases and promotions, and business transactions, people look a connection to politicians, celebrities and government officials, and other among the country’s bigwigs for help or assistance. In finding a job, for instance, whether government or private corporations, it is whom you know and not what you know that matters most. These connections also pull salary increases and promotions. In business transactions, connections provide a loophole to facilitate faster on the paper processing. Connections to people in higher positions really work!

Napoles entangled three senators due to connection

Napoles entangled three senators due to connection

Nowadays, employment is easier if somebody introduces you and follow up your application. It is like politics in motion. With so many applicants, connection to a person with higher position or country’s stalwarts and bigwigs prevails over qualification, work experiences, and skills. Politicians and government officials often dictate the vacant positions; hence their families and relatives and those with connections come first. That is why parents with children searching for a job in the future build up connection with politicians and influential people. Job would be easier later.

Promotions and salary increases, the vital indicators of your working performances come easily if you have someone influential within the organization. They will recommend, assess, evaluate your work, then salary or promotion follows. Such was a case of an electrician for having somebody with a close connection with the company’s president. He received an unprecedented huge salary increase that a few months later his fellow workers, upon discovery, resign from their jobs because of dismay and discouragement. Today, we understand why many of our co-workers

Parents and Children at Mayana Fiesta clebration, May 15, 2014

These new generation of parents and children know how connection affects the moral fabric and trust.

prepare cakes and pastries, offer helps and expensive gifts that please our boss, especially on their birthdays, anniversaries, etc. just to establish connections.

Whether in government or private corporations, the connection works. In government, for instance, a business permit requires approval from a layer of offices; takes longer time and sometimes red tape. But with connections to these offices, usually officials and relatives, it is just as simple as eating peanut… no need to participate in the long queue for paper processing.

Old generation did not had any connection

Old generation did not had any information on how the connection works

The world today seems to be cruel as the poor becomes poorer while rich becomes richer. Because of connection, it is usually the poor that suffer much depriving of employment, salary increases, and promotion. Although connection is an art of corruption in a peaceful way, in a larger sense it is synonymous to graft and bribery. Like Janet Napoles, she set up parties for politicians and bigwigs in society to establish connections. She and the three senators entangled with the law and ended in jail for graft and corruption.

Just like Einstein’s theory of relativity space-time warps and bends in the presence of mass and energy, connection destroys the moral fiber of the population and trust of the people to the government. It contradicts our values and principles; shapes a different outlook on our life. Although often perceive as a bribe, the connection still works!

Websites and Math Teachers

                                              By Vic Odarve

Nearly everyone is on the internet today. Whether we like it or not, we are heading to this technology. Mathematics, a difficult course, could go along with it. Web or blog sites offer the best learning outside the classroom. Teachers can post lessons not well discuss in the classrooms; students can browse the web anytime; and websites bring teachers closer to students. Today, websites or blogsites support Math teachers in many different ways.

Teaching a one-year old kid browsing the internet

Teaching a one-year old  Atong browsing the internet so as not to be left behind

Due to limited time in the classroom, some topics are not well discussed. In some universities in Africa, math teachers handle math class size to more than 300 students. Just imagine this vast crowd that you are going to teach. Some of these students are lost in the classroom discussion. Once lost, desperation and poor motivation to learn set in. Math is like a game of chess that needs the ability to follow a series of logical steps;

Few months later,Atong played computer games

Few months later, Atong played computer games

demands basic arithmetic and probabilistic reasoning; and an exercise in programming and group theory.  And Math teachers, as the daily routine dictates, do the work that’s necessary to learn the subject, whether students feel like it or not. But with websites or blog sites, teachers may post additional information or explanations on topics where seem to be difficult for the students. Web posting helps students to catch up!

Not only for the teachers’ advantage that websites may bring, students can browse the web or blog at their own convenient

African college students browse math after the class

African college students browse math after the class

times; or when their minds are not preoccupied with other disturbing thoughts that may hinder understanding. They can go at their own pace and repeat as they want to; allow more time to analyze difficult lessons and explore what they find interesting. Study shows that students vary their ability to focus on a complicated skill for the length of time it takes to master it. Websites can do it. Math is like flowing water that can be learned easily when time, place, and

Large Math class size can be supplemented by teachers websites supplement classroom lectures.

Large Math class size can be supplemented by teachers websites.

peace of minds are there. When students feel they are comfortable to study, these are the times that understandings are at its highest level. With websites students can browse anytime; review at the best occasions and can have thorough knowledge of the topics.

Blogs or websites bring teachers closer to the students. For the past 5 years, I introduced the blog sites for the students in order to lessen the burden brought by big class size. I have three classes with 300 and more students. There, students are browsing the internet in order to grasp more the meat of the class discussion; sending e –mails for further inquiries on the topics; and interactions take place. Websites bond the relationship between teachers and their students. Teachers can easily respond students’ questions, manage course materials and track student’s participation. Since students are familiar with internet social media like Facebook, so integrating them as an extension of the classroom discussion will bring teachers closer to the students.

The problems in some African universities are two folds; only few math teachers have maintained blog or websites, coupled with poor internet services and college students’ poor background with computer programs like MS Excel. The trouble with math is, it cannot just be memorized and it cannot be forced if students do not love it. It needs patience coupled with effort in order to learn. It has its own way of learning. Probably some students never knew that math is the language of nature. .

Now comes the websites and internet invasion! These are the technologies we are heading for; that even our youngsters few years old must be taught so as not to be left

behind. Lots of games on computers are math in nature and kids are beginning to explore them at an early age. How much more for these African college students? It is imperative that math teachers must maintain web sites to post additional information, keep pace with the lessons, and improve the relationship. Access is just at students’ fingertips and math teachers must lead the role! Web sites are teachers’ greatest resource outside the classroom; preparing our students as workforce in the 21st century.

EMT 201 Engineering Math 1 Review Final Exam

Final exam emt 201 review. Study the following problems. Similar exercises will be given on final exam.

1. A 4 kg mass suspended to a coiled spring with k = 484 N/m, initially displaced a distance of 1 meter from equilibrium position, and released with zero velocity and subjected to no damping or external forces. Determine a) the equation of motion using Ordinary DE and Laplace transform solutions b) amplitude c) natural frequency d) period of motion e) graph the equation.

2. How much will be left after 500 years for a radioactive element which has a half life of 2000 years if the initial amount is 40 grams? Solve by a) Ordinary DE solution b) Laplace transform.

3. Solve the non-homogeneous differential equation y” + 2y’ – 8y = e 3x by undetermined coefficient method.

4. A tank contains 200 liters of water. A sweetener containing 2 kg/liter of sugar enters the tank at the rate of 4 liters/min and runs out at 3 liters/min. The tank has a paddle that keeps on stirring in order to keep the mixture uniform. Find the amount of sugar in the tank after 25 minutes.

5. A university canteen serves a cup of tea at 83℃ to an Engineering student. After 2 minutes, the tea has cooled to 73℃. If the canteen temperature is 23℃, how many minutes that the student must wait to cool the tea to 54℃ ?

6. A football superstar was found dead at 6 pm in a room temperature of 22 C. His dead body temperature was 28C upon discovery. If a person’s temperature was 37C and cools down to 35 C after 2 hours after death, determine what time the murder was committed? Use Newton’s law of cooling. Solve by an ordinary differential equation method.

7. Solve DE y’ – y = 0, y(0) = 1. Find y (0.8) using a) ordinary DE method b) Laplace transform c) Power series d) Euler’s method with n= 4.

8. A Petro chemical company uses 900 m3 wastewater tank to control the flow of toxic wastes to its treatment pond. The tank initially has a 160m3 of wastewater containing 1 kg toxic wastes per m3 wastewater. A wastewater containing 1.5 kg toxic wastes per m3 enters the tank at 40 m3/hr and simultaneously released to the treatment pond at 20 m3/hr. A tank has paddle to keep the mixture uniform. Determine the rate, kg toxic/m3 wastewater at which it is released after 5 hours. Solve by ordinary DE method.

9. A tank contains 200 liters of water. A sweetener containing 2 kg/liter of sugar enters the tank at the rate of 4 liters/min and runs out at 3 liters/min. The tank has a paddle that keeps on stirring in order to keep the mixture uniform. Find the amount of sugar in the tank after 25 minutes. Solve by Ordinary DE.

10. A student deposited N300, 000.00 at an annual rate of 8.25 % compounded continuously, how long will it take the account to double in value? Solve by ordinary DE.