Connection Works!

                                                by Vic Odarve

Due to the perennial problems of unemployment, salary increases and promotions, and business transactions, people look a connection to politicians, celebrities and government officials, and other among the country’s bigwigs for help or assistance. In finding a job, for instance, whether government or private corporations, it is whom you know and not what you know that matters most. These connections also pull salary increases and promotions. In business transactions, connections provide a loophole to facilitate faster on the paper processing. Connections to people in higher positions really work!

Napoles entangled three senators due to connection

Napoles entangled three senators due to connection

Nowadays, employment is easier if somebody introduces you and follow up your application. It is like politics in motion. With so many applicants, connection to a person with higher position or country’s stalwarts and bigwigs prevails over qualification, work experiences, and skills. Politicians and government officials often dictate the vacant positions; hence their families and relatives and those with connections come first. That is why parents with children searching for a job in the future build up connection with politicians and influential people. Job would be easier later.

Promotions and salary increases, the vital indicators of your working performances come easily if you have someone influential within the organization. They will recommend, assess, evaluate your work, then salary or promotion follows. Such was a case of an electrician for having somebody with a close connection with the company’s president. He received an unprecedented huge salary increase that a few months later his fellow workers, upon discovery, resign from their jobs because of dismay and discouragement. Today, we understand why many of our co-workers

Parents and Children at Mayana Fiesta clebration, May 15, 2014

These new generation of parents and children know how connection affects the moral fabric and trust.

prepare cakes and pastries, offer helps and expensive gifts that please our boss, especially on their birthdays, anniversaries, etc. just to establish connections.

Whether in government or private corporations, the connection works. In government, for instance, a business permit requires approval from a layer of offices; takes longer time and sometimes red tape. But with connections to these offices, usually officials and relatives, it is just as simple as eating peanut… no need to participate in the long queue for paper processing.

Old generation did not had any connection

Old generation did not had any information on how the connection works

The world today seems to be cruel as the poor becomes poorer while rich becomes richer. Because of connection, it is usually the poor that suffer much depriving of employment, salary increases, and promotion. Although connection is an art of corruption in a peaceful way, in a larger sense it is synonymous to graft and bribery. Like Janet Napoles, she set up parties for politicians and bigwigs in society to establish connections. She and the three senators entangled with the law and ended in jail for graft and corruption.

Just like Einstein’s theory of relativity space-time warps and bends in the presence of mass and energy, connection destroys the moral fiber of the population and trust of the people to the government. It contradicts our values and principles; shapes a different outlook on our life. Although often perceive as a bribe, the connection still works!

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