Math Becomes Easy

                                   By Vic Odarve

“Really math becomes easy when the teacher explains well and I follow it up at home”, exclaimed an engineering student.

Competent teacher, conducting a review of the notes every after the class, and practice by reworking the steps, are all needed to understand math. Math professor, like King Solomon, must discuss math in an eloquent and conversationalist way, expert and master on the course topics, and has an ability to challenge the students. Students, on their part, must review the notes after the class to enhance memory retention. Then, actual rework or practice on what was discussed and solved in the classroom. And math becomes an easy prey!

Math is most difficult course in College

Math is the most difficult course in College

The professor must know very well the intricacies and beauty of the numbers hidden in math; he can explain lucidly the subject matter in a simple way and invite the students who are afraid of numbers to ask and interact during the classroom discussion. The classroom becomes a learning place where students often refer to as their second home. This is the place where they can voice out and share their own opinion with others; and

Math Professor detailsthe steps

Math Professor details the steps

learn from their classmates by asking. A competent teacher is like an environmental designer; keeps classroom atmosphere conducive to learning. He establishes redlines; build up student’s confidence, and keep the math course easy and simple instead of intimidating and frightening.

Engineering students at work

Engineering students at work at Madonna University

Conducting a review on the topics discuss in the classroom proves to retain further one’s memory. The study showed that the first in a two- hour lecture is the most effective period for memory retention. Faced with this dilemma, a review after the class is needed to recover part of the time where memory retention was least. Reading the notes for a few minutes after classroom strengthen further your memory. Any lapses and misunderstood notes can be easily corrected by recalling your memory.

Finally, students must rework the problems and its solution steps. Although simple as it is, this is the most important part of learning math. The practice enables students to understand the whys, how, and when, these steps are done. It keeps their mind working; challenging ideas at will, and keeps them on the state of analyzing and recognizing patterns. Math is like a game of chess; sometimes pondering the board to find the best moves over your opponents; the clearer the picture over the situation, the better your moves and win the games. Reworking the classroom’s lectures makes understanding perfect!

It is not that math is difficult because it is math and students could not get along with numbers; with competent teachers, coupled with regular patience to open your notes after the class, and constant practice, learning math becomes easy and enjoyable. Students and math, then become the very best of friends.

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