Manny Pacquiao; Mayweather’s Last Frontier

                       By Vic Odarve

The fight is on! Both fighters have agreed on May 2, 2015!

Pacquiao has been an eyesore for Mayweather; a hindrance to his fame and glory; and his last frontier to cement his 47-win without a single loss to his record. For more than five years, boxing enthusiasts see Pacquiao as the legitimate contender- an eyesore to Mayweather. By all indications, a win in this fight puts Mayweather as the best welterweight boxers on this planet; hence this fight is the last frontier to cement his legacy.

Pacquiao and Mayweather

Pacquiao and Mayweather

Yes, an eyesore! To date Pacquiao keeps on winning after three fights among the best in his division… a picture difficult to ignore by Mayweather who is also on the same division. This megabout for this two pound for pound kings on the division has been a fight the boxing world has been clamoring for the past five years.

A win will catapult Mayweather to the best welterweight fighters of this generation. That is why Pacquiao would be his last frontier in boxing profession before retiring for good. But if Pacquiao wins, history puts him the honor and record as a boxer who beat Mayweather… tainting his zero loss record.

De la Hoya after the fight

De la Hoya after the fight

Predictions on who will win this blockbuster fight are difficult. Mayweather is the defensive specialist, while Pacquiao is a punching machine with power. Many boxing analysts claimed Mayweather have many advantages; from the heavily built body, defensive boxing prowess, and able to read and adjust his game at early stage and exploit the weaknesses of his opponents. Pacquiao, on other hand, maybe one of the most versatile southpaws; with power punches deliver in uncanny angles, can move in and out, and exhibits faster hand speed.

Magarito after the fight

Magarito after the fight

A few years ago, my prediction for Pacquiao fights against De La Hoya and Margarito was terribly wrong. I believed that both de la Hoya and Margarito, with bigger frame and possess a track record as one of the best punchers won those fights. Instead, both were pulverized by the speed and the power of the smaller Pacquiao. But, that time Pacquiao was in the prime of his career!

Today, it would be difficult to predict the outcome. It would be on May 2 the protagonists will give their best in the ring. This would put an end to a question on who is better among these two boxing superstars. And who will win! Nobody knows!

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