Simple Joys That Nature can Offer

                                            By Vic Odarve

Mother Nature has, and always be, offers her inexpensive entertainment. From the forested land and mountains, an orchestra of birds doing choir. In the sky, a canopy of clouds is drifting above our heads doing a military drill and at night stars are twinkling in unison like an entertainment in the heavens. Back to our sandy beaches and rivers, beautiful sights will remain a joy to remember for the rest of your life. Nature has, and forever be, gives pleasures free of charge to everybody!

Mayana Village - with a buffalo grazing over the rice fields paddies.

Mayana Village – panoramic view after years from a landslide.

It is always a joy to visit farms with our family and kids as weekend retreat area. Nearby are mountains, dense forest, and a pristine river. What we do there! Feel the earth. We feel like walking through mist and clouds along the mountain ranges, meet all the fairies and magical creatures, and watch the birds doing orchestra along with the canopies. By remembering our good old childhood days, it is sort of feeling that cannot be captured on camera and more than the old pictures hanging on the wall.

During daytime, clouds can be seen drifting above our heads. At nighttime, it is a joy to see the canopy of stars twinkling in all the heavens; stretching like an enormous spider’s web scattered in all directions across the vastness of the cosmic ocean. We feel the presence of our Creator; we owe our lives to these stars. By thus doing, we feel the joy that Nature gives.

Mayana village

Relax with nature-a joy for everybody

We can also feel the best of Mother Nature just by walking alone or with your loved ones along the sandy beaches or take a ride on a floating restaurant alongside in a river. Watching fireflies at the banks of a river, observing trees decorated with bird’s nests, and simply following the sun faded in the western sky at the end of the day will open our eyes to the earth and all its glory. For a moment, we feel the tranquillity of our lives away from the toxic city life.

With all the joys that nature brings to mankind, it is just proper and just to give thanks to the Lord our God who endows this earth with all of its glory. The Bible puts it clearly that God created all these majestic mountains, glorious clouds, and beautiful sceneries in Psalm 147:8 “Who covers the heaven with clouds, who prepares rain for the earth, who makes grass to grow upon the mountains.”It is the declaration of his majestic Hands.

Nature, as always be, gives us pleasure free of charge…from forested lands and mountains, clouds and stars, to sandy beaches and rivers. It is all given unconditionally… to the poor, the rich, and the mighty!

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