When the Baby Smiles

                        By Vic Odarve

When a baby smiles, it brings more than a smile. It is a smile that develops a feeling of attachment and bonding. Unlike all other smiles, a smile from a child is more powerful and appealing. It is contagious, that is, it has an ability to make others also smiling. Children are gifts from God and their smile captures the tenor of your day.

A baby smile can change your mood of the day

The baby’s smile can change your mood of the day

When a baby smiles we can’t help but smile back at them. There is something strange developed within your heart; a feeling of connection and bonding. This sensation plays an important role in their development. They felt secure and safe. Smiles are their way of communications and relay some important information. Your payback smile, too, helps the babies learn and understand about the world around them. Thus, slowly and surely, connection and bonding develop… a bond more powerful than two atoms share one or more pairs of electrons forming a molecule.

What makes their smiles more powerful and enchanting are their innocent and fascinating faces to look at. Their simple, sincere, and straightforward smile can attract more than admiring looks. Their cheeks rise and the skin around their eyes

A plain, straight-forward,and innocent smile

A plain, straightforward, and innocent smile

bunches up… a true feature of a true smile. Their smiles are also bliss for all those seeking happiness of other people. Unlike adults whose smiles are often fakes and superficial, children offer perfect smiles. Going back to our old pictures while we were still young and carefree, and eager to explore the world is itself a source of entertainment. Our smiles, then, were once powerful and fascinating… showing to the world our innocence!

Children have an ability to make others also smiling. Their gestures and smiles are very interesting, especially to observe if they are doing funny things in a crowd. It can make your day smiling and forget the daily toxic stresses. It alters your depressive mood to happier one and sets the tenor of your day. “To see the

Young and carefree;ready to explore the world

Young and carefree; ready to explore the world

kids’ smile on their face, it brings a smile to my face too,” said Hagler, who has been involved with the foundation for children for over a decade. Over the long term, smiling can have a positive effect on our well-being; improve our health, perception at work, social life, and feel happier and less stressed. A good smile can help release emotions, especially those emotions that might bottle up inside our heart.
Therefore, children’s smiles are something that connects us together to their world; so unique and interesting that it makes also others smiling. Their smiles are more than a smile!

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