Copy Blindly and Understand Later

                                   By  Vic  Odarve

Failed to understand and behind in a math discussion? Just copy blindly and understand your notes later.

Math lecturer

Math lecturer

This is an engineering student’s way of life – abounds of mathematical theorems, formulas, principles, transformations, and a lot more. What a life! So, anybody would like to become an Engineer? And adding to the pain, once students behind in a discussion, teachers just told them boldly,” Just copy blindly and understand it later”. Copying without understanding? That’s it. This is the picture painted inside the classroom. The lecturer did no longer explain the details of the steps on how the previous course of mathematical

Copy blindly and understand later

Copy blindly and understand later

principles and techniques are done. “These steps are supposed to be learned in your previous course, and the class is running out of time,” lecturer told the students. That’s why students who did poorly in the previous math are frustrated. Sounds hopeless? Not at all; just copy blindly and understand the notes later!

 Copying blindly simply means noting down whatever the steps the lecturer has

Engineering students after the class

Engineering students after the class

done in the classroom, even without complete understanding on what you have copied. This is the common scenarios in an engineering classroom. The lecturer is a lecturer and nothing more. He knows how to weigh things, whether to review or not, otherwise he will be behind or may not complete the topic before the semester ends. So as a result “just copy blindly “. It is the students’ initiative; teaching them that to become an engineer is not a bed of roses. Math professors like Einstein, works and solves worded problems lightning speed that only few can fully understand. Since math is like a ladder and if students had poor performance in their previous courses, this time it takes its toll. As a result, students just copy without understanding. But this is a significant step…first step to develop how the students can catch up the tremendous pressure to pass the course.

However, this scenario is not so horrible. This message” copy blindly and study later” encourages the students to study more. This means that students must revisit their notes and lessons after the class. The phrase “understand later” lingers in their memory urging them to review on what happen to their notes or else next meeting they do the same…. Copy blindly and completed the bachelor’s degree in six to eight years instead of five. Most often students will find that after a little review in a discussion that initially baffled them will all of a sudden make sense. Thus, like a gravitational pull exerted by dark energy in the expanding universe, “copying blindly and understand later” drags and challenges the students to study.

Subsequently, the students develop a habit of opening the notes and review everything there on what was discussed by the teacher every after the classroom session. Believe it or not, that slowly and surely, the students develop the habits of doing these practices every after the class session. The turn of events is now clear: students find themselves loving and embracing mathematics!

The phrase “copy blindly and understand later” becomes the things of the past.

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