Loosen Your Toxic Friends

                      By Vic Odarve

If they amplify problems in your life instead of giving solutions, it is now time to loose these toxic friends; they are opportunistic, disrespect, and insecure.

Toxic friends are opportunistic; looks so pitiful and sorrowful when asking help. But once your help is over, they abandon your friendship and never look back. They are on your side when you have something to give, and do opposite when you have nothing to share. They never feel obliged to render help when you need them most;instead, they do manipulative moves to achieve their ends. Loosen now your toxic friends before it is too late to discover!

This beautiful scenery allows you to forget your toxic friends.

They treat your friends with disrespect. They exploit the mistakes of others, even pointless; often make unsolicited remarks about others shortcomings during group meetings, acquaintances, and associations. They want your friends to become a target of ridicule for a sole purpose of propagating jokes; make them as a source of their enjoyment. It is their pleasure to see their friends committing mistakes or misfortunes. But if somebody will do the same to them, say, a joke on their error or mistake, they will confront the person like a wounded tiger. If your friend does this to others chances are he will not respect you, too. A good friend will treat everyone with respect.

Toxic friends are jealous and insecure. He cannot sleep comfortably if he cannot fit your new iPhone, iPads, i-pods, etc. He feels being left behind. In a society, where bigwigs and famous personalities are adorned, they also want to be the chosen, the beloved, and the esteemed. If they failed, the natural instinct is to tear the friends down. Though act as a good friends in the daily meeting, deep down in their heart they feel devastated that you’ve overtaken them in some areas of life. These friends take the pride in relating how he did successfully in some illegal activities, putting their friends down, and idolize the corrupt and famous personalities.

Friend is like a sunset. It has an end.

Friendship is like a sunset. It has an end.

If these telltale signs are clear to you it may be the time to loosen your partnership with them gradually. If you could not ward off getting rid of the group association for some reasons, the best way is to minimize your acquaintances.

These demonstrate the dark sides of human nature. Toxic friends may just bring you heartaches, sickness, and endless misery. It may bring you unwanted drama in your life and may end yourself in a disaster. Spend with your friends, which you think are your model whose solid character as true friends brings you a positive outlook in your life. These toxic friends, wicked and living in the darkness as they are, must be loosened. The Bible tells us so, 2 Corinthians 6:14-15

14 Do not make unsuitable covenants with those who do not believe: can justice walk with wickedness? Or can light coexist with darkness,

15 and can there be harmony between Christ and Satan? What union can there be between one who believes and one who does not believe?

 Get rid of toxic friends. Cut them loose! They are not meant to be a member of your tribe. Toxic friends drag you down.

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