Teachers are Touching Lives

                             By Vic Odarve

Although parents have greater influence to shape the lives of their children, teachers, too, do touch their lives while they are on schooling. The lessons learned from the classroom lectures often equip them for their future job. Disciplinary measures and its corresponding actions are imposed to mold students to become a better citizen. Moral and spiritual importance derived from the classroom training influence their overall personality development. Though, maybe a short or long period of years, teachers do shape their future; hence touching and influencing the lives of the students.

Grandparents do touch the lives of the grown up kids

Grandparents do touch the lives of the grown up kids

The world inside the classroom is their second home…with teacher acts as a parent. It is in school they learn the importance of advanced education to achieving their desired field of interest or discipline. Students acquire the necessary skills they needed in the hope of landing a better and a decent job in the future. Recently, while inside the shopping mall, I ran into my former student whom I did not recognize. “Sir, you don’t remember me?” he asked. “No, I don’t. What’s your name?” I asked. He gave me his name and explained that he was my former student

Teachers touch the students' lives

Teachers touch the students’ lives

in mathematics. After a few minutes of conversation before we parted he said seriously with a gratifying gesture,” I learned a lot of things in mathematics under your lectures and most of them are used in our petrochemical plant operation. I want to say,”thank you, Sir.” Then he walked and bid bye.

In the classroom, discipline is always in the making. It is like a nucleus, a center of an atomic structure. It is always a

Do it for the glory of the Father sitting on the throne.

Do it for the glory of the Father sitting on the throne.

component in a teacher’s teaching strategy to promote peace and orderly management. Well-disciplined students mirror the personality of the teacher as well as the academic institution. Cheating, ranging from old-fashioned writing on the hands to high-tech spy cameras, is not tolerated. Penalties are well defined in the student’s handbook. Imposing a good discipline will mold students to become a better citizen.

To prepare them a responsible individual, students are trained how to share their knowledge and assist others in the classroom discussions. Topics assignments, classroom group activities such as laboratories and the like, build the trust and camaraderie among the peers as well as develop their personality. In one of the international convention, one of the presenters was my previous student. He presented a paper “How to learn math quickly”?  I could not believe it! After a short conversation, he confided that it was in my class that he was challenged and learned much about how to learn and love mathematics. In returned he wanted to share his experience in overcoming the fear of taking engineering mathematics in this university. That was it. He wanted to share and touch more lives among our students taking engineering courses; expound his experiences the ups and downs, and show to them how he conquered and shifted to a new paradigm. In my little way, I have touched their lives.

To my surprise, this petrochemical Engineer and presenter in an international convention were not even in my list among the top classroom performers.

Today while in the classroom, we cannot read the impact of our teaching in shaping their future. On several occasions, I was moved and touched. I was dumbfounded and could not say anything. Students expressing their success and gratitude are the evidence that teachers are part of their future. It was a feeling of joy and fulfillment! I did not expect that I have touched their lives. Jesus once said,

 What you have done to the least of your brother, you have done it unto me.” Matthew 25:40.

Touching lives bring us to a greater heights with the One who is sitting in the great and splendid throne, with a river of life, clear as crystal, gushing from the throne, and his kingdom will reign forever. Rev 20:11, 22; 1, 22:6.

Indeed, teachers touch and transform the lives of their students and they have done it to the glory of our God the Father!

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