Where to Live After Retirement

                                                By Vic Odarve

To find a great place to live after retirement is not an easy task. Environment, climate, and cost of living should be on the top priorities. Environment includes its neighborhood, crime rates, and cultural diversity. Weather, too, considering the extremes, cold and hot, often affects old age health. Living cost, for many, must be sustained. The golden age years is a life altering event; hence a place to live in must provide a great sense of joy and happiness.

Touching the lives of the grown up kids

Touching the lives of the grown up kids

The environment dictates the way on how you live. And it is just a matter of your choice. It could be from rural areas to a bustling city or in the land of your birth. It depends much on your way of life… spending time in sandy beaches to forested scenic beauty or to cities nightlife. Others want to sing hymns and praises in the name of the Lord; thus devoting more in the church activities. It is getting to the part of life where we can just enjoy after retirement.

Living in a place of your birth is one of the options

Living in a place of your birth is one of the options

After getting a good and sound environment, extreme weather conditions must be checked. The place must not be extremely hot or cold. Temperate weather throughout the year is usually the best. Typhoons, hurricane, tsunamis, and other related weather disturbances can be a threatening scenario among older age. Weather conditions must not affect any of your health problems. Excruciating pain from rheumatisms, muscles aches, and heart problems are largely aggravated by an extreme weather.

Whether you have enough savings or investments, the cost of living could not be taken for granted. Savings and investments sometimes go wrong. Bank closures and investment misfortunes are in the mess. Usually, living in great cities, cost of living is higher than nation’s average; but for those who can afford with the lifestyle, it may set up your mood. It also has all the required amenities and is pleasantly bustling city life. Try to locate one which is the most cost effective and safest cities in the country. Select a quiet, and peaceful cities where the crime rates are impressively low. Living in rural areas, however, are not expensive as in cities and it may help well to sustain your daily needs because you do not know how long you live. Some retirees may live 100 years or more—a centenarian— a rarity, but today it is common. Whatever you have money in banks or investment, it can be sustained further by choosing your lifestyle in retirement.

Davao city is one of the top ten (10) safest city of the world.

Davao city is one of the top ten (10) safest city in the world.

You ought not to spend your life at home alone in old age! Although money can give conveniences, there are happiness and enjoyments that make your retirement life worth living. Friends, relatives, family, and good health are far more important than your large savings or investment. If by God’s will you have enough resources, learn to share with others and it will transform your life. Being a grandparent, leaving your sons and daughters and their grown up kids

Relatives and friends are more precious than bank accounts and businesses.

Relatives and friends are more precious than bank accounts and businesses.

successful makes you feel happier.

Indeed, to find a place where to spend the twilight years is a difficult task. Like Elijah on his journey to Mount Horeb, the angel of the Lord reminded him;

“Get up and eat, for the journey is too long for you.” 1 Kings 19:7

Indeed, life is a journey, nothing less. A place to live in our twilight years must be prepared.

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