Nobody Becomes Rich in Teaching

                       By Vic Odarve

Yes. Nobody becomes rich in teaching simply because teachers are low wage earners, the profession requires full time and dedication, and ever increasing cost of living. Across the globe worldwide, various bills are pending in congress and legislature asking for increases in educational funding where salaries and wages for teachers are often connected with. It requires a full time work, dedication; hence income is largely dependent on the remuneration. In today’s complex living environment, the rising cost of daily commodities overtakes the salary increases; hence putting the meager wage earners like teachers in a hand to mouth situation. Therefore, nobody got becomes in the teaching profession.

Classroom lecture in an African university

Classroom lecture at an African university

Traditionally, teaching has been one of the lowest-paying jobs available in the market today. Though salaries vary from country to country, most well developed countries, for example, teachers receive significantly better salaries and benefits than do teachers in the developing nations. In most African countries as well as third world countries, teachers often have prestige, but their salaries are often meager. That is why teaching jobs are less inviting for most qualified college graduates because there are more lucrative positions in commerce and industry. This sentiment seems to be becoming more and more prevalent. Today, teachers’ salaries are often subjected to debates in congress by lawmakers in almost all countries around the globe; hence resulting in a turtle paced increases. With a low paying job, nobody becomes rich in teaching!

A Math exam

A Math exam

Teaching job requires full time commitment. As teachers devoted their time in the classrooms, earning other extra income is limited. Opportunities to earn more outside the profession appears difficult. The meager salary is just enough to meet daily needs. When a member of a family got sick, problems multiplied. These explain why most teachers are victims of usurers and other shark infested loans. What are left of the take home pay are not barely enough for electric bills, tuition fees, hospital bills, etc. Nobody got rich in teaching!

Math textbooks- a legacy for the next generation of students

Math textbooks- a legacy for the next generation of students

Compounding lower salary increases is the spiraling cost of living. The price of the daily commodities often increases exponentially while the salary goes linearly. This adds to the pain they feel. This is a growing concern in almost all countries. Cost of living is rising and outpaces the individual income. In most cases, teachers runs out of money before the end of the month. However, some seem to manage to have car or big houses, but it could just be a façade to hide a mountain of debt in banks and money lender.

Conducting lectures at international convention

Conducting lectures at the international convention

 What drew to the teaching profession are the passion to teach and love to build the characters on our students for life. Teaching touches lives and a noble profession. Teachers help us who we are today and steer the course of civilization of mankind. But teaching profession could not make us rich, but it is the legacy that matters.

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