Exam and Discipline; No Copying, Please!

                      By Vic Odarve

Without warning, a teacher slapped the student’s face twice after being caught twisting his head to copy another student’s script during the final exam of the course. The student simply did nothing in response after seeing perhaps a million stars twinkling in heaven! In another cheating incident, the lecturer tore the script into pieces before his very eyes in the closing minutes of an exam. Scripts were nothing more than a waste thrown into a garbage can. Surely, this student failed the course! “No copying, please!” the teacher warned.

Final Exam in Engineering Math

Final Exam in Engineering Math

The above scenarios are common sight during final exams. Twisting the heads to almost 360 degrees with eyes dangling a mile just to see and copy the scripts of the classmates seems an eyesore inside the exam room. Sometimes invigilators of an exam talk in a stern voice but lose and raise tempers; hence slapping of faces has acted in.  Copying is more prevalent at the last minute of the exams such that teachers can be seen confiscating scripts and tore them into pieces.  “I am not surprised by this cheating. I have seen this for so many years. It is already in our culture and these strong punishments are messages to our students during final examinations”, quoted one native professor. So be it!

African university, Nigeria

African university, Nigeria

Eastern and western countries have different modes of disciplining college students’ misdeeds. Scripts are merely confiscated and advised the students to go out the classroom quietly. Some schools are stricter when it comes to examination time. In China, for instance, lecturers are allowed to slap students in the face and kick out of the class. But in most countries, physical harm is to be avoided or else you will end up in a court battle. Here, we can beat students with a stick, slap their faces, and kneel before you. And they will not bring you to a court!

But in no way cheating is pleasing to the eyes of God and mankind. Copying one’s scripts during final examination is synonymous to cheating. Whether these disciplines are an extra mile or just a quite short with the red lines established in the student’s manual, this university is not lifting her hands in defeat. Whether one is cheating or copying scripts or corrupting millions of government funds, one is certain: in the last days, we will face God face to face and be judged according to our deeds.

 “I am coming soon, bringing with me the salary I will pay for each one according to his deeds”. Rev 22:12

Glory to God in the highest. So be it!

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