Air conditioner Wastewater Twofold the Squash Production

                   By Vic Odarve

By accident, the dripping wastewater from an air conditioner produced a twofold squash production. The plant grew robust with no need of fertilizers. With little attention to care or cultivation, it bore more fruits as compared to the usual method of cultivation. Because of its phenomenal fruit bearing production, it always gave delight to our neighbors and visitors. Unknown to many, It was just a wastewater from the air conditioner that boosted the production to double.

Squash grew with dripping aircon wastewater

Squash grew with dripping aircon wastewater

The squash grew strong, robust, and healthy that its stems unusually produced plenty of branches like an enormous web that stretched out in all directions. Since it belongs to a vine family, the branches climbed to a nearby plant overcrowding other ornamental exotic decorative vegetation. The dark green coloring leaves differed significantly from the cultivated squash nearby which were having mostly yellowish in color. It appeared that the dripping wastewater from the air conditioner was rich in nutrients and supported its growth.

Fruit production twofold

Fruit production twofold

 Because of its rapid growth and robust development, there was little attention for extensive cultivation or care as to weeding or controlling grass growth. Its numerous stems and branches dominated the landscape such that it produced plenty of fruits during the harvest season resulting in a doubled production.

Fruit harvest

Fruit harvest

The plant was awesome to look at. Even neighbors and visitors in our nearby community who once visited our campus could not believe in what they were seeing. Squash, the fruit of vines of the genus Cucurbita, grew amazingly right beside in our room window where water droplets from our air conditioner were disposed.

 Mother Nature demonstrated that wastage from an air conditioner was not a waste at all. It was just enough to water the plant and support the required nutrients. Just a mere accident and saw how we discovered the secrets of doubling the squash production! From a waste of our air conditioner, a squash production was twofold!

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