Math-Anxious Parents

                By Vic Odarve

“Math is difficult. I could not get along very well with numbers. Just a set of equations and worded problems got me nervous and frightened”, exclaimed one of the parents whose daughter was at university studying engineering course. He is not alone. He may be one of the hundreds of parents following their child’s math performance at university. Indeed, math is difficult and providing help our students in math is one of the parental problems.

Parents must teach their kids on some apps program

Parents must teach their kids on some apps program involving math

Faced with the growing emphasis in Math in all schools from kindergarten to diploma levels, parents must assist math assignments to their children to whatever levels they are in in the education. It is a parental responsibility to see to it that progress has been made on their studies in all the courses. It is a part of parental monitoring process in order to guide them and what part of the study they could be of help.

Final Exam- Engineering math

Final Exam- Engineering math. The new exam hall can accommodate 3000 students.

With the advancing technology, math expands rapidly, such that most parents are left behind. Modern math, from kindergarten to university courses, is becoming complex that most parents no longer understand the whys behind at every step in computations. In the elementary level, it goes beyond the fundamental of addition and subtraction. Algebraic and probability equations in secondary education often grow into combinatorics and number theory, and differential equations and advanced math in tertiary level are coupled with transformations. These issues are out of the parental mathematical worlds. These require deep understanding that most parents are already grasping their breath. That’s why oftentimes they ignored their child’s request for assistance. Simply, it is because they do not understand as well. They could not give since they don’t have. Faced with difficulty, math anxious parents just keep their mouth shut and bite their lips in silence.

Parents have trouble understanding math notes

Parents have trouble understanding math notes

It is a parental woe. Parents look helpless. Hiring a private tutor is an option but most could not afford. They are trying to help the children in math but how. Some researchers suggest that  parents may enroll in math classes; employ learning tools such as math books or apps that may enable them to interact with the children in positive ways; and coordinate closely with the teachers on new teaching techniques and strategies. These may work, at least, to some degree.

Math-anxious parents are common in our modern society. But math is part of our life. Whether we like it or not, we must be in good terms with math. It is time for the parents to stop saying ‘I don’t like math’. There is no day without math. It not only describes our world, but it underpins everything we do. God bless!

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