Perception of Mathematics as a Difficult Course

                 By Vic Odarve

Students, as well as parents, used to perceive math as one of the courses that give them headaches and nervous throughout in their educational career. There is a perception that those who have exceptional math grades after secondary level may enroll math extensive courses like engineering and computer science, while those who have poor have then enroll in other courses. They never realize that mathematics can be learned like any other courses. We are all created mathematically capable.

Rocket Irie

Rocket Irie- Math learning at an early age

The perception that math is difficult intensifies as science advances. Math is the language of science; hence it follows in that direction. Parents usually complaint that they could not help their students’ assignments as the lessons are out of their own world of understanding. Because of this perception, students, too, escape courses that cover extensive mathematics; and instead choose those with few mathematical descriptions. This is how they perceive; math puts them in frightening mode.

On the same line of perception universities and colleges require enrollees to pass qualifying entrance examination before accepting a particular degree. Math is the backbone of such examination. The qualifying entrance exams will determine the student’s fitness/capability for the career to choose. Those with good math scores for math extensive careers while those on boundary line may choose other fields of discipline.

Final Exam- Mathematics

Final Exam- Mathematics

But no matter how difficult mathematics is, the skill to understand and master the course can be learned. Except for those few gifted individuals, skills to manipulate and analyze mathematical concepts can be developed through hard work and dedication. Einstein, for instance, was not impressive in math during college days such that his professors did not recommend him for a university position after graduation in 1900. It was his work, dedication dealing with mathematical investigation concerning the foundations of field physics that yielded the elegant equation E= MC2.

Einstein- creator of E= MC2

Einstein- creator of  E= MC2


Wrong perception about math generally generates fear and passivity to learn and as a result your life becomes a whole mess. Like Einstein, success does not just come by accident. You work yourself through it. Have the courage to break away from negative perception and set the pace and others will follow.

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