Try a Frugal Lifestyle, Please!

                      By Vic Odarve

Unless we are Bill Gates, Rockefeller, and other famous billionaires, living in a frugal lifestyle is a must.  Frugal living lifestyle frees us from debt, entails savings, and steers to a comfortable life. Freeing of debts means stretching your budget and meet both ends before monthly salary. With careful spending, one can set aside a certain amount for saving. Barring circumstances outside our control, with savings and debt free, life without any financial problems makes living comfortable. Try a frugal lifestyle, please!

Fiesta celebration needs not be expensive

Fiesta celebration needs not be expensive

Debt ridden individuals have something to do with someone’s state of controlling the money. They may have plenty of money coming into their pockets, but they could be spending unwisely. Bad habits and attitude takes their toll that they are not careful in the spending. Usually jealousy and insecurity. People sink in debt cannot sleep comfortably if he cannot acquire new iPhone, iPads, I-pods, etc. They feel being left behind. In a society, where bigwigs and famous personalities are adorned, they also want to be the chosen, the beloved, and the esteemed. That’s why, more often they dine in expensive restaurants and luxurious hotels, take fancy vacations, and living in a classy subdivision. It is a life unbalance equation; where expenses are greater than income, resulting in a bottomless debt.


Family reunions need not be expensive

Conversely, frugal lifestyle goes in the opposite direction. Handling of money is done properly that results in savings. Spending money is just enough and controlled to provide for the basic needs of the family. Expenses must always be less than income with ample savings as an excess. Reduce unnecessary expenses. Putting diligently certain money for savings account. A habit to save even a small amount. Only buy new cars, clothes, and new gadgets once have a financial freedom. They set goals for the golden years ahead since nobody knows how long we live. Frugal living means spending less than what we have earned.

Picnics,outings,and celebrations

Picnics, outings, and celebrations

Living without significant debt and having savings for the future results of a comfortable life. With peace and happiness!  The journey will be pleasurable. Debt free people are inspired; feel an overwhelming sense of security.

However, there are situations in life when we are forced into a world of financial distress. Losing jobs, health problems where hospital bills consumed your savings, and other similar events outside our control. Then we realized that money is out of reach. But at least, your savings in the bank, have helped to cushion the impact.

Celebration with the Monks

Celebration with the Monks

It’s all part of the journey of life —fighting to live another day. Definitely gruesome, but for those who earn a meager income, frugal lifestyle becomes a necessity!

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