Feeling Being Loved is a True Happiness

                 By Vic Odarve

“My husband wants to die in my arms”, said Celine Dion, who took time off from singing engagement to care for her husband, René Angélil, who is battling throat cancer. “But when you have family around and knows he is being loved, I think it helps tremendously”, she added.

Kids feel they are being loved

Kids feel they are being loved

Feeling being loved is a true happiness. Although fame, wealth, and pleasure make people happy, the feeling of being loved is a true happiness. Feeling being loved by your family, friends and relatives give a pleasant emotions. Also being loved by a community where you live in brings peace of mind; inspire to help others. More so, doing work that you truly love give strength and generates ingenuity. Experiencing of being loved and loving on what you are doing in life is a true happiness.

Happiness enables us to hurdle the ups and downs

Happiness fuels us to thrive in ups and downs of life.

Feeling being loved by our loved ones, family, friends and relatives affect us physically and mentally in countless ways. The happiness provides us with the fuel to thrive in the high and lows we encounter on our journey as human beings. It is the feeling of being loved that enable us to lift up over tragedies, sufferings, or painful moments of life. The feeling we got   through the spoken voice and written words and other expressions of supports keep our world go round. Like the husband of Celine Dion, although anguishing in pain over his sickness, but dying over in her arms, is itself an experience of true happiness. Feeling being loved is all that matters!

Doing something that gives you pleasure

Doing something that gives you pleasure

Doing charitable works in society, and living morally upright, turn out to be a true happiness. You will be loved by the people; a feeling that gives a sense of fulfillment of the purpose of your life; you know what you live for. Feeling loved cheers your life as a member of the society. The helping of the needy, poor, and those who have less in life and never expecting in return is God’s wisdom. Mother Theresa of India has done such thing; bringing help to suffering humanity. It is a true happiness.

With family around, it brings happiness

With family around, it brings happiness

More so, doing work that you truly love gives strength and generates ingenuity. This is a true happiness. The love of what you are doing keeps you consistently perform at higher levels. Your work gives you less stress. Edison, Einstein, and Newton, have something in common…they truly loved their work. Because of the work and dedication, the scientific world owes much from them since the invention of light bulbs to the theory of relativity and gravity in Physics. They do enjoy their job, and that’s why they are creative and resourceful —because they are.

While normal happiness derives from fame, wealth, and pleasure is dependent on material things that may lose in a blink of an eye, true happiness from feeling being loved can be felt by all walks of life…poor and rich alike. Feeling being loved gives fulfilling lives; brings peace to your mind, heart and soul. It is incomparable to happiness that material things bring. “Even I have a hectic work schedule, I go back once a month to help my dad and mom in the province to clean the house. I could buy everything for me, but could not ever even compare their love for me to any parents out there”, confessed one of the professors in a university. Feeling being loved really matters.

Staying Together

Staying Together

Feeling being loved gives us the true happiness that keeps us growing stronger to pace ourselves the ups and downs of life. Whether we are born poor, rich, and famous, feeling being loved is experiencing a true happiness!

If you feel nobody cares or loves you, you are worthless and your existence is awful to describe!

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