Birthday; A Reminder That you are Going Older

          By Vic Odarve

Unlike many celebrations in our modern world, the birthday party is personal and unique; that it commemorates someone’s day of birth, one chapter of life closes, and other pages will be opened. It is the day you have seen the first light and cried in your mother’s arms, announcing your arrival to the world. It also reminds that you have survived another year and one chapter of your life closes. Then another horizon will be opened and face what the future lies ahead; it’s another day. Simply, it reminds that you are getting older!

Birthday is like a fiesta celebration

It is being held in commemoration of someone’s day of birth; comes once a year. Often a gift of assorted designs decorated with celebrant’s age highlighted the occasion. The cake is studded with lit candles where the celebrant usually makes a silent wish and attempts to blow out the candles in one breath. In addition to family members, celebrant invites friends and relatives, to grace the occasion. Sumptuous food preparation at these celebrations includes noodles, which represent long life.

The life of an individual is likened to a book. The birthday, which comes once a year is compared to a life chapter. The celebration closes a chapter of celebrant’s life. All what one has done, an accomplishment for that year, is written and recorded. It is your book of life; God will open it in the judgment day. Birthday reminds you to look back your footprints of your journey in life; no matter how difficult or comfortable they were, they are part of your life. Glimpse your performance as they mirror your journey as another chapter in life closes.

                 Getting Older

As one chapter of your life closes, another one opens; full of hope and promises. It is seen as the start of a new part of your life; brings new optimism and insights on your future. This is another milestone; the fact that you have survived another year. Maybe it is the time to reflect your life and see what is needed to change; attitude or lifestyle or focusing on the good things you have not fulfilled in the previous years. Life is too short; it is the time to think again.

Birthday celebration differs from one culture to another; it depends on the religion and race. Simply this is a reminder that people are born in this world to fulfill something; why we are here and where we are going. Everyone loves birthdays, especially his or her own. Whether we like it or not, birthday reminds us that we are getting older.

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