Sometimes an Outright Lying at the Airport Works

           By Vic Odarve

 Sometimes an outright lying at the airport works!

Vicodar observed that religious personalities like evangelists, ministers, priests, nuns, sisters, and brothers of Christian congregations were less likely interrogated during inspections at the airport.

International Airport

International Airport

 After the snakelike cordoned queuing in the immigration checkpoint at the international airport, Vicodar was told to replace his yellow fever card with a prescribed one in a nearby clinic. So he did! With only a few people in the office, he immediately handed his card to one of the officers. ” Good day Sir, May I change this card with the prescribed one?” The officer nodded and said,” Your passport, visa, and valid ID please!” Vicodar complied. After a few minutes, the officer asked” You are a foreigner, what are you doing here in Nigeria?” “Am a missionary here working with Faith Ministry in Port Harcourt, Rivers State”, Vicodar said with a smile. “So you are a priest”, the officer said. Thinking for a while, he said, “Ah….. ah… yes! Sir”. The officer looked pleased and seemed very courteous; fixed his signature and handed back the documents. Then Vicodar said,” Thank you very much, God bless you all”. Then the officer and his fellow workers said in chorus” Thank you, Father, Amen”.

Middle East Airport

Dubai Airport

Fully exhausted from a long travel the next leg of the trip finally brought him to the domestic airport. This time, he was met by a Rev. Sister. Queuing for almost an hour in a security screening, baggage inspection, and weighing stations, Vicodar was again called up by one of the officers to finally confirm his baggage before transporting to a waiting cart nearby.” Come here, show me your baggage and let me inspect what is inside!” one of the officers said. Sensing that the baggage would be opened again for inspection, he pointed to Reverend Sister as the owner. The sister was a few meters away; in religious attire! “Okay”, the officer said. Again, a little deception works!

Plane boarding inspection

Plane boarding inspection

While lying can leave us indelible torture in our conscience, but the same goes for being too honest and open. Why? Telling the truth may entail too much delay in interrogation or may end with solicitation. Remember the airport greeting “Do you have something for me?”

Vicodar is not a priest. He actually owns the baggage. He is a mere employee in one of the great schools in Nigeria. Outright lying works! A little deception is needed! It works at the airport.