Why do People Flock at Elele Pilgrimage Center?

                     By Vic Odarve

In spite of the weakening of Christian faith in our modern world nowadays, the monthly program among the faithful at Pilgrimage Centre, Elele town, Rivers State is still a big draw to thousands of Christians, and even non-Christians from all parts of Nigeria, Africa. Usually held every first Friday of the months, pilgrims come to the place for breaking of curses/yoke, pray for special favors such as healing from life- threatening illnesses, and for life-changing counseling and transformation. This power packed monthly celebration, brings all Nigerians from all walks of life to this place of worship.

Pilgrims attended the celebration

Pilgrims attended the celebration

Most Nigerians believe curses from ancestors such as shedding innocent blood, demonic societies, rituals and manipulations, and many others. The ministry runs the prayer to guide and teach the people how to free from satanic strongholds and complete freedom from curses and yoke. The pilgrims with the guidance of the priests, through prayers, provide sound, salient and scriptural insight on how to discover, destroy and be delivered from these evil power. The gatherings, they believe, lay them to be sincerely and completely free from curses and the yoke.

Easter Sunday celebration in Rivers State, Nigeria

Sunday celebration in Rivers State, Nigeria

While some are interested freeing the bondage on yoke and curses, others join the pilgrimage for special favors. Couples, barren or not, come and attend hoping to bear more kids. In Nigeria, most women do not embrace birth control as it goes against many of their cultures. That is why couples want to have as many children as they can. Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa, and previous attempts by the government to encourage adults to have fewer children have failed. The United Nations has estimated that the population of Nigeria could grow from 160m to 400m by 2050. In some cases, sickly and some people who could not afford to see doctors also attend this spiritual celebration to seek miracles for healing and cure; others have also joined for the solution of their numerous problems such as, unemployment and fiscal troubles.

The peace that Jesus gives is not fragile like the peace the world gives.

Pilgrimage Center at Elele, Rivers State, Nigeria

Of course, higher intellectual in our modern society in the pursuit of peace and happiness yearns to do closer communion with God Almighty. These people, most of them suffer from heavy burdens in life and lifelong struggling in pain over the devils, feel the journey to this pilgrimage center more life fulfilling and challenging. They will receive life counseling and transformation; receive religious grace and peace of mind. There they seek, in concert with thousands of our Christian brethren, spiritual nourishment, and deliverance. Priests who have distinguished themselves are chosen and be used as instruments of such purpose. The pilgrimage symbolizes the return to our Creator and hopefully to find peace and tranquility of this troubled world. Like Solomon, with all its riches and glory, these pilgrims want to find peace by surrendering themselves to God.

Highlights of the pilgrimage activities are day and midnight masses, testimonies, and inspirational talks from Catholic priests and bishops. Father Edeh, a Catholic priest and a man of deep religious faith, is the founder of the pilgrimage center. He is a household name in the area of breaking of curses/yokes, and healing of the sick through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. His miraculous works remain very popular and unequaled in the history of the Catholic Church in Nigeria. His counseling and teaching have molded the daily lives of these multitudes, giving them spiritual and moral guidance, certainty, and comfort.

With all the confusion of life and broken dreams from curses and yoke; asking special favors and healing; one must join the pilgrimage to Pilgrimage Centre at Catholic Prayer Ministry of the Holy Spirit at Elele, Rivers State, Nigeria, and the largest pilgrimage center in Africa. Attending this power packed monthly celebration will bring you peace with God.

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