Life is a Struggle

         By Vic Odarve

Life is a struggle whether one is poor, rich, and powerful. Poor people, which constitute the largest segment of the world’s population, have to struggle in order to meet both ends …foods, shelter, and education. Wealthy and the bigwigs of the society have to fight drugs, alcohol, relationship, sickness, and many more. World leaders, too, powerful as they look to be, have to struggle for the survival of their leadership due to political adversaries, deteriorating economy, and failed foreign policy. Whatever the colors and society, people must have to struggle in order to survive and prosper!

Life in the rural areas

         Life in the rural areas

According to a UN expert, nearly one-fifth of the world population or 1.4 billion people cannot fulfill the most basic needs every day. A few decades back poverty is concentrated in rural areas in most developing countries, but a recent study showed that urban poverty is also increasing as fast as cities are growing. These areas are refugees of drug addicts, criminals, and many epidemics that ravage a nation wholesome environments. Inadequate access to safe water, poor sanitation, overcrowding, and insecure residential status make the poor people’s life a miserable!

Life struggle does not spare the rich and famous. Although not on basic needs, they suffer in life lingering sickness, drugs, alcohol, relationships, and scandals. Singer Celine Dion is struggling in pain trying to make the best of last Christmas with cancer-stricken husband Rene, who is now battling a throat cancer for the last two years. Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, had reached the pinnacle of success in the business world but ended his life struggling with pancreatic cancer in 2011.  A few years back, the singer-actor Chan, son of Jackie Chan pleaded guilty in a Beijing court for providing a venue for drug users and was sentenced to six months in jail. Life is a struggle, poor and rich alike!

President Rody Duterte

History always reminds us that in order to survive and sustain their autocratic governance leaders have to struggle to stay in power. In countries like Russia, North Korea, and China, the leaders have to consolidate their power with super wealthy backers, torture political opponents in jail at a moment’s notice, and maintain secret agents. At home, for example, Duterte also struggles over his foreign policy in China and United States, a problem on metro manila’s traffic, and EJK’s over the war on drug. These problems are causing the political oppositions go against the president, jeepney’s strike, and various human rights demonstration. As always in the history of the world leaders, their lives are also in deep trouble and struggling in pain.

Whether we like it or not, there is no way to avoid the struggles in life. And in every struggle, there is heartbreak, emotional trauma, and setback. But all these things can make people stronger and better.

Believe it or not, human struggle ends when life ends.

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