Tennis; The Sport Where Fitness and Fun Meet

       By Vic Odarve

Not only that this game keeps you physically fit and mentally alert, but also gives fun and excitements. Body movements are more than ordinary exercise; burns fat and promotes healthy hearts. It also keeps the players always on alerts; ball anticipation, cat-quick reactions, and explosive power shots. Excitements draw in during individual or double competitions to both players and the tennis enthusiasts as players exhibit their hidden and

Playing tennis at the European Quarter, Madonna University, Nigeria, Africa

Playing tennis at the European Quarter, Madonna University, Nigeria, Africa

awesome skills. That’s tennis, the sport where fitness and fun meet.

Tennis promotes general body movements by executing different positions; sprinting, jumping, walking, and quick actions. It develops stronger leg muscles through acceleration and side to side movements in chasing the flying ball. The short and intense burst of activities exercise lungs and actuate breathing; thus improving cardiovascular conditions. A study shows that all over workout a player burns an average of 498 calories an hour…good enough to burn fat, flatten stomach, and achieve physical fitness.

Tennis enthusiasts often play during weekends

Tennis enthusiasts often play during weekends

The game also keeps you mentally alert; that is, it requires tactical thinking as the game progresses… trading of forehands and backhands, slicing, top spins, and other techniques to keep your opponents off balance.  Your brain is always working on anticipation, quick reaction time, and finding strategic locations where and how to land the ball in an explosive manner… eluding the opponent’s defense. These mind-bursting activities generate connections between nerves in the brain, according to one of the study. Thus, the game keeps your mind in exercising mode all the time.

Nadal-Monaco double in Dubai Tennis Tournament

Nadal-Monaco tandem in Dubai Tennis Tournament

The game offers an enjoyment and excitement to both players and the spectators.  Some players display different forms of antics to draw the crowd for support and distract opponents focus on the game. Watching the players’ level of finesse and controls, power shots consistency, ball placement and depth, as the game progresses draws excitements. Keeping opponents off-balance by top-spinning, slicing, powering shots or smashing the ball gives a thrill to the fans and players alike.

Whether you play only in a weekend with your friends, tennis provides an excellent social outlet at the same time keeps you physically and mentally fit. It is a time-efficient outdoor activity, enjoyable sport, and allows you to meet with people in the community irrespective of your age.

There is no doubt that tennis is one of the best sports for us to play. It is the sport where physical and mental fitness and enjoyment meet.

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