Secrets Why Students Excel in Math

                   By Vic Odarve

 Math intimidates and frightens the students but there are few who did excel or perform far better and more consistently than their peers. Simply, they have their secrets…put a regular effort in their studies, hang with classmates with similar goals, and build a reputation for excellence. By keeping regular study on the notes after the class develops good retention of the subject; associating with fellow good learners can improve time management and developing positive attitude in order to excel. No wonder, these students are on the top of their Math class.

Engineering Students 200 level

Engineering Students 200 level

The study showed that the first in a two- hour lecture is the most effective period for memory retention. Faced with this dilemma, a review after the class is needed to recover part of the time where memory retention was least. Reading the notes for a few minutes after classroom strengthen further your memory. Any lapses and misunderstood notes can be easily corrected. Develop this habit regularly makes math understanding perfect!

Another behavior among students who excel in mathematics is that they select their friends. By keeping in a company and hanging around with good classmates or friends who always study mathematics in their school also bring a tremendous change in their behavior, lifestyles, manners, and actions. Oftentimes students slowly and slowly emulate one’s friend’s way of living in one way or another. Look, associate, and surround  only  with friends that give with positive influence; hang only to those that are supporting and enhancing their life, and filter their background and stick to one with the same mission and ambitions in their life. Select friends that are good math performers; they belong to their tribes. Top math performers have good time management for a study and outside classroom activities. They often hang with them.

Madonna University, Elele Campus, Rivers State, Nigeria

Madonna University, Elele Campus, Rivers State, Nigeria

Lastly, these students build a proper attitude to excel in mathematics. They do always the best that they can. In a classroom, they listen intently how teachers did the steps in solving math problems and think mathematically more than memorizing of facts. They often spot patterns in solving problems; systematically seek why and prove the steps. They always strive for the best grade. With competent teachers, coupled with a positive attitude, these students develop a kind of flexibility and creativity; hence, excel in mathematics.

With proper motivation and empowerment from a competent math teacher coupled with these behavioral tips and secrets from students who excel in math, more students will be no longer intimidated and frightened in mathematics.

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